If You Had Just One Vote, Who Would Get It???

If You Had Just One Vote, Who Would Get It???

OK, so obviously the major headline this week in both the baseball and baseball card world is Barry Larkin’s election into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I like Larkin, always have.  In my eyes, he is certainly a Hall of Fame talent.  But I do think that there were some other eligible players on the list that deserved enshrinement into Cooperstown before Mr. Larkin.

As we all know, the writers of the BWAA have the ability to vote for up to ten players annually for induction into the Hall of Fame.  And over the last 7-10 days, I have read countless blogs discussing and making strong arguments for many of the players that have yet to be elected.

I want to join in that discussion.

So, here is my question ‘If You Had Just One Vote, Who Would Get It’???

You don’t get ten, or nine, or even two votes – Just ONE VOTE!!!

Let me know who you think is the most worthy of all of the possible inductees.  Not who you think will get in – but is the MOST worthy of the eligible list.

I’ll get it started – and it is not easy.  But after weighing all of the stats, and going back to my days as a kid watching tons of baseball in the 1980′s, and thinking about the players and their team and league impact, my choice is clear.

So, no disrespect to some of the guys that I really loved watching play as a kid – Dale Murphy, Alan Trammell, Lee Smith, Don Mattingly, Jack Morris - I have great memories of watching each of you dominate the sport at points of your career.

But for me, the ONE guy I think deserves election into the Hall of Fame more than any other eligible player is:

Mr. Tim Raines.

Now, let me know who you’ve got!!!

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13 responses to “If You Had Just One Vote, Who Would Get It???

  1. Fred McGriff (almost went w/ Lee Smith)

    Deceased mention-Ken Boyer

  2. Jack Morris. That dude was a beast and gets extra points for having a cool mustache.

  3. Lee smith no doubt

  4. I think they got it right with Larkin.

  5. Mattingly…he was the bomb. Puckett is in and Donnie has better numbers than Puck.

  6. Tim Raines without a doubt, look at his numbers!

  7. Donnie Baseball, hands down!

  8. I would vote for Pete Rose even though he is not eligible.

  9. On the ballot: Tim Raines

    Not on the ballot: Billy Pierce

  10. I like the Mattingly choice a lot. The more I think about Don the more I think he deserves in. Kirbys numbers were a lot like Mattinglys… good point Ryan S.

    If Kirbys career didnt end so tragic what would his numbers have been?? He played what 12 seasons collecting 2304 base hits w/ a .318 BA. Super!

    Donnie for HOF!

  11. I don’t get the Don Mattingly argument. Kirby Puckett is in the HOF because he was a better ball player than Don Mattingly and Kirby has 2 World Series rings. Like McGee-Fan51 said “If Kirbys career didnt end so tragic what would his numbers have been??”. Certainly better than Don Mattingly’s numbers. If Mattingly gets in the HOF then players like Dwight Evans, Keith Hernandez and Steve Garvey need to be in the HOF and that’s never going to happen.

    • From where I sit, Mattingly was a solid performer who put up some unreal numbers; and his defense was unreal. Still, Puckett did it for a longer time and won two titles in the process.

      I don’t see Mattingly as a HOFer, but he was the first relevant 1B for the Yankees since Gehrig and that should mean something.

  12. Tim Raines

    Runner-ups: Lee Smith and Fred McGriff

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