Baseball Card Show Review

Baseball Card Show Review

The first weekend of August has now passed us by and with it, another baseball card show is in the books.

And unfortunately, my suspicion about the attendance at the show, at least from the dealer side, was correct.  I noticed at least four dealers that are always present at the show were not there.  My guess is that they made the trek to Chicago to sell at the National.

So, with a few less tables to shop at, I tried to uncover a few gems from sellers that I normally do not work with.

The results?  Fair.  I bought some cards that I may not have normally picked up or even found.

And as for my list of goals?  I did very well – concentrating on exactly what I was seeking.

I’ve got everything scanned.  And I will be showing off the entire haul for you to enjoy today.

So, sit back and relax and enjoy the day with ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

Have a great day.

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2 responses to “Baseball Card Show Review

  1. Sweet! My brother and I attended this show for the first time! We loved it. I was expecting all expensive booths, but it was a great mix of inexpensive with the pricey. You scanned in all your cards! Wow. I estimate I bought about 150 cards. Maybe I should scan mine in too.

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