Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Finest

Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Finest

While I have yet to find a card from the 2013 Topps Finest base set that truly blows me away, I will admit that I am liking the card’s design quite a bit more now than when the set was first released.

The card’s design is a bit odd, but it does allow for the image of the player to stand out as the main attraction of the card.  And it does have a slight 3-D effect as well.

What I have noticed so far, at least in my opinion, is that the cards that feature players wearing colors that contrast to the card’s graphics seem to look better.  Bright and strong colors work, whereas dull and drab tend to lose the effect of standing out.

An example of a nice looking card from the set is the Bryce Harper card.  I just picked one up for my collection last week.

Check it out:



See how nicely the Red of Harper’s uniform and helmet looks?  It stands out very nicely against the Grey and Black background.  But, for cards of players on the Yankees, Blue Jays, Orioles, and others that feature a lot of White or Grey, I don’t think that they look as nice…

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2 responses to “Bryce Harper 2013 Topps Finest

  1. This years topps finest base cards are like Prizm cards , except with team logos. I dont mind them, but I miss the old school finest cards that were more colorful. Love the 93 design.

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