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SIGNING RESULTS: 1985 National League Most Valuable Player, Willie McGee!!

SIGNING RESULTS:  1985 National League Most Valuable Player, Willie McGee!!

Thanks to the generosity of loyal ’30-YOC’ reader Gerad (aka McGee-Fan51), I was able to take part in a signing with the 1985 NL MVP, Willie McGee two weeks ago in St. Louis.

I’ve wanted to add McGee to my collection for some time and a signed ball by him is another great MVP-themed ball for my collection.

Gerad hooked me up by working with the promoter of the event as he had  a few things to get signed as well.  And when he asked if  I was interested as well, I jumped right in!

I put a ball and payment in the mail the very next day.  And now, I am the proud owner of this new ball.

Have a look:


I love it.  Signed right on the sweetspot in Blue ink, this ball and autograph look sharp and clean.  And while Mr. McGee may not have the best looking signature around, I am thrilled to finally have one in my collection, especially when the cost was a fraction of what a signed ball would cost me on Ebay.

Thank you again, Gerad!  Another great piece has been added to my signed baseball collection.


Adding Some More Depth To My ‘Ultimate Jenkins’ Tribute

Adding Some More Depth To My ‘Ultimate Jenkins‘ Tribute

While organizing pictures for the ’10’ post I did the other night that showcased the 10 signed Fergie Jenkins baseballs in my collection, I noticed some obvious omissions on my ‘Ultimate Jenkins‘ page.

So, I set aside some time to comb through that entire page with the goal of bulking it up and adding more that honors the great career of my favorite pitcher of all-time.

The results?  A few more photos!

Here they are:

Fergie Jenkins Game-Used Relic Cards


Fergie Jenkins IP/TTM Signed Cards


Fergie Jenkins Certified Autographed Cards



All great stuff, and all stuff that deserves to be a part of the newly refreshed ‘Ultimate Jenkins’ page.

If you haven’t checked it out in a while, come see what you are missing!!!

Andre Dawson Signed Baseball #17 – ‘Final Game’ Ball

Andre Dawson Signed Baseball #17 – ‘Final Game’ Ball

Friends, I have done it again.

I have added another unique autographed baseball to my Andre Dawson collection.

And the ball is a perfect complement to another ball that was already in my collection.

Have a look:



This time around I asked Andre to add a ‘Final Game’ inscription with the date of 9/29/96 and he obliged my request with a great looking signed baseball.

And as I mentioned, the ball is a perfect complement to another ball in my collection – my ‘MLB Debut’ ball that Andre signed for me a year or so ago.

As I mentioned, this is signed ball #17 for my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ collection ,and I am so excited about how this collection is rounding out.

Do I want more?  You better believe I do.  And I will go after them too.  Just give me a little time and I will be showing off some more.

I cannot wait!!  I hope you will join me for the ride.

And That Makes 10.

And That Makes 10.

If you were with me and ’30-YOC’ on Monday night, you would have seen that I scored the 10th signed baseball for my Fergie Jenkins collection.

Yes, I said 10.

All signed by my favorite pitcher of all-time.

So, since 10 is such a nice, round number, I thought it would only be fitting to show them all off to you at one time.

Sound good?

Great.  Here we go!!

Fenway Park 100th Anniversary Commemorative


‘Fly’ nickname ball


3,192 K’s ball


284 Wins ball

fergie 284

Cy Young NL 71 ball

Fergie cy ball

Rawlings Cy Young ball

fergie cy young logo ball 2

Ferguson Fergie Jenkins w/HOF 91


Fergie Jenkins HOF 91 ball


Black Rawlings ball with Gold pen and HOF 91


Hall of Fame logo ball with HOF 91 inscription



And I still have a few more ideas that will only bolster and make this collection even more well-rounded.

The next time I hear about another Jenkins signing that I can get it on, I am all over it!!

Thanks for reading.

Andre Dawson 1993 Topps Baseball Card – AUTOGRAPHED!!!

Andre Dawson 1993 Topps Baseball Card – AUTOGRAPHED!!!

How about another sweet Andre Dawson autograph for the collection??

Sure thing… Don’t mind if I do!



My most recent score is this card signed by Andre in a bright Blue Sharpie.  The card is from the 1993 Topps set, and it features as great, action shot of ‘Hawk’ as he watches the result of another mighty swing.

If you were wondering, this is the 87th card in my ‘Dawson TTM/In Person’ auto collection.  Hopefully I can add a few more in the next few moths and really put a charge into getting to 100.

Time will tell.  And the ride will be sweet!

SIGNING RESULTS: 2 New Balls For My Fergie Jenkins Collection!!

SIGNING RESULTS: 2 New Balls For My Fergie Jenkins Collection!!

Friends, I missed out on an opportunity to take part in a Fergie Jenkins signings earlier in the year, so when another chance came up, I jumped right in.

With both feet!

Two balls this time around.  And each one is a unique and special addition to my collection that honors my favorite pitcher of all-time.

The first ball that I got signed is very similar to another recent addition to my collection that was signed by Andre Dawson.

Have a look:


Yep, another sweet Rawlings Fenway Park 100th Anniversary commemorative ball.  And Fergie added his jersey number from his Red Sox days to the signature too – #31.

And now, another great one.  Check out the inscription on this one…


Yessir, it reads ‘FLY’.  As is Fergie Jenkins is ‘FLY’ – and I love it.

When I think 1970’s, I think groovy and smooth and fly.  And when I think 1970’s baseball style, I think Fergie Jenkins (and others).

2 great additions to my collection.  2 very unique pieces.

Tonight, I am a very happy collector!

Andre Dawson 1992 Topps Baseball Card – AUTOGRAPHED!!!

Andre Dawson 1992 Topps Baseball Card – AUTOGRAPHED!!!’

How’s about another sweet Andre Dawson signed card for the collection, B?

Sounds good to me, I don’t mind at all!

And here it is, the latest autograph for my Dawson collection:





This is Andre’s card from the 1992 Topps baseball card set.  I’ve always like this card because the image captured the power of Dawson’s swing while also showing him keeping his eye on the ball after making contact.

The Blue Sharpie autograph looks great on the card, and is a very nice complement to the multiple Blue elements of the card.

Another great one for the ‘Ultimate Dawson’ collection.  YES!!!