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1987 HEADLINE: Eric Davis Joins 30/30 Club!

1987 HEADLINE: Eric Davis Joins 30/30 Club!

On this day in 1987, Eric Davis collected his 30th home run of the baseball season gaining him entrance into the ’30/30 Club’.

The landmark homer that put him into this elite status came in just his third major league season.  And with his raw ability at the plate and uncanny speed on the base paths, Davis had many fans thinking ’40/40′ was in his near future.

Officially, Davis completed the 1987 baseball season with 37 home runs and 50 steals.  1987 was the most well-rounded offensive season of his career, and he would never reach the ’30/30′ mark again.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Davis!!!

Happy Birthday Eric Davis!!!

Happy Birthday Eric Davis!!!

Amazingly, Eric Davis turns 51 years old today!!!

Wow, I remember the hype around Eric Davis as he began his career with the Cincinnati Reds. He was a ’5-Tool player’ that could do it all and he was going to rescue the Reds franchise and deliver them back to baseball glory. Davis had the speed, power, charisma, and personality to carry the franchise to the promised land!!!

After 7 remarkable seasons with the Reds that were littered with All-star appearances, Gold Glove trophies, Silver Slugger awards, and even a World Series championship, Davis was on his way to becoming one of the games biggest stars. Talk about becoming baseball’s second ’40/40 Man’ was a daily occurrence in baseball circles. As one of the game’s premier players, ‘Eric The Red’ was riding high.

Unfortunately, a terrible string of injuries and then an unfortunate battle with cancer stalled Davis’ ability to dominate the game. This 1-time hero became just a regular role player. On occasion, Davis gave us more memorable moments to add to his impressive highlight reel, but he was never able to recapture and string together seasons of success like he had in the late 1980′s when he was on top of the baseball world.

Happy Birthday Mr. Davis. You are remembered fondly!!!

Eric Davis ‘Fab Five’ – Card #1 – 1988 Topps Glossy All-Star Send-In

Eric Davis ‘Fab Five’ – Card #1 – 1988 Topps Glossy All-Star Send-In

Now that my Eric Davis player collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #1 – 1988 Topps Glossy All-Star Send-In


As you all know, my preference is to collect the players that impacted my love for the game during my youth.  That also means celebrating the baseball cards from that time.

One of the unique things that Topps did back in the 1980 was offer the chance to obtain limited edition cards and sets of cards that could only be purchased directly through them.  Tagged as ‘Send-In’ sets, you had to send in wrappers from the packs you opened as well as a small shipping and handling fee for the cards – but it was well worth it.

The Send-In cards offered a very unique look for a Topps baseball card.  They actually had a postcard vibe to them with their glossy fronts and cardboard-textured backs.  And while the design of the backs were extremely limited, the fronts were superb!!!

Great images, clear photos, and bright colors!!!

Eric Davis ‘Fab Five’ – Card #3 – 1990 Donruss “Baseball’s Best”

Eric Davis ‘Fab Five’ – Card #3 – 1990 Donruss “Baseball’s Best”

Now that my Eric Davis player collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #3 – 1990 Donruss Baseball’s Best


A lot of baseball cards issued of Davis while playing for the Reds show him in a similar position – coiled at the plate and ready to attack.

During his major league career, Davis had one of the most talked about and imitated batting stances in the sport.  His ability to spring into the ball using his hips, shoulders, and wrists allowed to generate amazing bat speed and launch a lot of line drives.

Of all of the cards that make up my newly completed Eric Davis player collection, this one stands out.  The Bright Blue border allows for the image of Davis to really stand leap from the card’s surface.

Eric Davis ‘Fab Five’ – Card #4 – 1990 Topps

Eric Davis ‘Fab Five’ – Card #4 – 1990 Topps

Now that my Eric Davis player collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #4 – 1990 Topps


While I am not a huge fan of the 1990 Topps baseball card design, I will admit that the sets does offer a few eye-catching cards in which the border design does not take away from the large image being presented.  I believe that the Eric Davis card fits into that group and I love the shot that was used for the card.  He is in the midst of a mighty swing at Shea Stadium and if I had to guess, he may have just connected for one of his 282 career home runs!

Eric Davis ‘Fab Five’ – Card #5 – 1987 Fleer

Eric Davis ‘Fab Five’ – Card #5 – 1987 Fleer

Now that my Eric Davis player collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #5 – 1987 Fleer


There was no way that I was not going to let this ‘Donut’ card into my ‘Fab Five’.  As many of you know, I am a sucker for cards like this – and the donut card for me is one of my favorite unintentional themes!!!

Have a dount ‘ED’, you deserve it!!

My Eric Davis Player Collection Is Finally Complete!!!!

My Eric Davis Player Collection Is Finally Complete!!!!

I’m really excited about this one…

It took me just about eight months, but I feel like I have put together a solid tribute to the time that Eric Davis spent as a member and superstar for the Cincinnati Reds.

The set consists of cards from 1985-1990 and features singles issued by all of the major brands from that time.

Of the player collections that I have completed as of late, I would have to say that Davis’ cards offer some of the best photographs of the bunch.

Here is a look at the complete collection:

Davis Collection

And you know what comes next!!

Starting next Monday and going through the entire week, I will show of my Eric Davis ‘Fab Five’ cards.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!!

Eric Davis 1988 Fleer All-Star – Sheesh….

Eric Davis 1988 Fleer All-Star

I tell you what, there are probably a lot of reasons to be happy to be an All-Star in the major leagues.  You get to be recognized as one of the sport’s greatest players.  You may get bonuses from your team.  You become beloved by the fans of your home city.  And there is probably a lot more as well…

And you may even get some special edition baseball cards that honor your All-Star selection – like this one from Fleer.


This card is from Fleer’s 1988 All-Star team set, and while it is probably a thrill to be a part of the set, the finished piece is nothing near All-Star caliber.


Eric Davis 1991 Topps Stadium Club

Eric Davis 1991 Topps Stadium Club

The image used by Topps Stadium Club in their 1991 set of Eric Davis captured his swing very well.

Have a look:


While possessing a rather unorthodox, and often imitated, batting stance, Davis actually had a pretty textbook swing – perfect footwork, power from the hips and wrists, excellent balance, etc.

And the end result was pretty solid too – 1,430 career hits with 239 doubles, 26 triples, and 282 home runs.

Eric Davis 1988 Donruss All-Star

Eric Davis 1988 Donruss All-Star

There he is – with that famous batting stance of his…


It’s just too bad that the photograph used on this baseball card is so zoomed in because the photographer captured a perfect picture of one of the most famous batting stances of the 1980′s.

As you can see, Davis kept his hands at waist-level.  And when he began his swing, he would rear back with great speed and then pounce forward throwing his hips and shoulders into the swing.

It was a batting stance often emulated by me and my buddies in the late 1980′s while playing various versions of baseball in the neighborhood.

And yes, I can see those sweet wristbands too!!