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Fergie Jenkins 2014 Topps Archives – Base – BORING, BORING, BORING

Fergie Jenkins 2014 Topps Archives – Base

Yessir, I have finally landed my first card of Fergie Jenkins from the 2014 Topps Archives set.

Here it is:



While I was thrilled to see that Mr. Jenkins’ name was on the set’s checklist, I have to say that I was pretty disappointed by the actual card itself.  Not only would I have liked to have seen Fergie featured in a card design that he has yet to be shown with (like the ’86 Topps design), but we have also seen this specific image WAY TOO MANY TIMES ALREADY!!!

Come on Topps, enough is enough – give us something new.  Fergie has been featured with the 1989 Topps design before.  And this image has been used many times before.

Give us unique and special and we will keep ripping.  Until then, I will spend my money with where I can snag singles, like the one above, for just $0.18 per card.



1976 HEADLINE: Fergie Jenkins Captures Career Win #200

1976 HEADLINE: Fergie Jenkins Captures Career Win #200

On this day in 1976, Ferguson Jenkins picked up career win number 200 of his amazing career.

Playing for the Boston Red Sox, and facing the Chicago White Sox, the ‘Fenway Faithful’ were in for a treat.

Jenkins hurled a 4-hit, complete game shutout of the White Sox.  He struck out just two batters during the game and walked none.

All of the offense that Jenkins needed for this win was supplied by Rick Burlseon, Bobby Darwin, and Doug Griffin as the Red Sox beat the White Sox 4-0.

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Mr. Jenkins!!!

Fergie Jenkins #31

Adding Some More Depth To My ‘Ultimate Jenkins’ Tribute

Adding Some More Depth To My ‘Ultimate Jenkins‘ Tribute

While organizing pictures for the ’10′ post I did the other night that showcased the 10 signed Fergie Jenkins baseballs in my collection, I noticed some obvious omissions on my ‘Ultimate Jenkins‘ page.

So, I set aside some time to comb through that entire page with the goal of bulking it up and adding more that honors the great career of my favorite pitcher of all-time.

The results?  A few more photos!

Here they are:

Fergie Jenkins Game-Used Relic Cards


Fergie Jenkins IP/TTM Signed Cards


Fergie Jenkins Certified Autographed Cards



All great stuff, and all stuff that deserves to be a part of the newly refreshed ‘Ultimate Jenkins’ page.

If you haven’t checked it out in a while, come see what you are missing!!!

And That Makes 10.

And That Makes 10.

If you were with me and ’30-YOC’ on Monday night, you would have seen that I scored the 10th signed baseball for my Fergie Jenkins collection.

Yes, I said 10.

All signed by my favorite pitcher of all-time.

So, since 10 is such a nice, round number, I thought it would only be fitting to show them all off to you at one time.

Sound good?

Great.  Here we go!!

Fenway Park 100th Anniversary Commemorative


‘Fly’ nickname ball


3,192 K’s ball


284 Wins ball

fergie 284

Cy Young NL 71 ball

Fergie cy ball

Rawlings Cy Young ball

fergie cy young logo ball 2

Ferguson Fergie Jenkins w/HOF 91


Fergie Jenkins HOF 91 ball


Black Rawlings ball with Gold pen and HOF 91


Hall of Fame logo ball with HOF 91 inscription



And I still have a few more ideas that will only bolster and make this collection even more well-rounded.

The next time I hear about another Jenkins signing that I can get it on, I am all over it!!

Thanks for reading.

SIGNING RESULTS: 2 New Balls For My Fergie Jenkins Collection!!

SIGNING RESULTS: 2 New Balls For My Fergie Jenkins Collection!!

Friends, I missed out on an opportunity to take part in a Fergie Jenkins signings earlier in the year, so when another chance came up, I jumped right in.

With both feet!

Two balls this time around.  And each one is a unique and special addition to my collection that honors my favorite pitcher of all-time.

The first ball that I got signed is very similar to another recent addition to my collection that was signed by Andre Dawson.

Have a look:


Yep, another sweet Rawlings Fenway Park 100th Anniversary commemorative ball.  And Fergie added his jersey number from his Red Sox days to the signature too – #31.

And now, another great one.  Check out the inscription on this one…


Yessir, it reads ‘FLY’.  As is Fergie Jenkins is ‘FLY’ – and I love it.

When I think 1970′s, I think groovy and smooth and fly.  And when I think 1970′s baseball style, I think Fergie Jenkins (and others).

2 great additions to my collection.  2 very unique pieces.

Tonight, I am a very happy collector!

Still Seeking That Elusive Sepia…

Still Seeking That Elusive Sepia…

Friends, I am so close to finishing my ‘Fergie Jenkins Rainbow’ from this year’s Gypsy Queen release that I can taste it.

I am, and have been, just 1 card shy of the full collection for more than a few weeks now and it is starting to drive me wild that I cannot seem to knock out this last card.

Sure, I know that they are on the rare side and limited to just 50 copies.  But, by now, I would have expected that more than three would have appeared on Ebay.  I’m truly kicking myself for not buying one of those three cards as I am not deep in the ‘waiting game’…

But trust me, in time that Sepia will be mine!!!

the waiting game

Fergie Jenkins 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen – Mini Red Border

Fergie Jenkins 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen – Mini Red Border

Yessir!!!  I have finally landed the Red mini card of Fergie Jenkins from the 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen set.

The Red cards are serial numbered to just 99 copies.  Mine is stamped as 57/99.

Have a look:



I love it!!  The Red used may not be the traditional Cubs’ Red of even baseball Red for that matter, but it is a nice color for a baseball card border.

This is the third mini that I have grabbed of #31 for my collection.  I now have the base, Black, and Red.

Time to track down that even tougher to find, Sepia mini.  Here I come!!!

1971 HEADLINE: Fergie Jenkins Captures 100th Win Of His Career

1971 HEADLINE: Fergie Jenkins Captures 100th Win Of His Career

On this day in 1971, Fergie Jenkins captured the 100th win of his major league career.

On the road and facing the Atlanta Braves, Jenkins and his Cubs teammates were in for a battle against future Hall of Famer Phil Niekro.

This time around, it was the Cubs that handled the Braves with ease with a final score of 11-0.  The offensive outburst was provided by Don Kessinger, Joe Pepitone, Billy Williams, and Fergie Jenkins himself who collected two hits and an RBI himself.

As for his pitching, Jenkins was superb – a complete game 3-hit shutout of the Braves with six strikeouts and just one walk.

A very memorable, and dominant, career win #100.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Jenkins!!

jenkins 1971 topps

Fergie Jenkins 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen – Blue Paper Frame

Fergie Jenkins 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen – Blue Paper Frame

Oh yes!!!

It took me so much longer than I ever thought I would need, but I have finally secured the Blue Paper framed card of Fergie Jenkins from the 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen baseball card set.

I have always been a big fan of the ‘Blue Paper’ design that comes from the GQ brand because (1) I think it looks really sharp and (2) it happens to go very well with my favorite Cubs players.

The Blue Paper framed cards are serial numbered to just 499 copies.  The Jenkins card that I grabbed is stamped as 378/499.

Check it out:



And with this card, I now have all three of the ‘regular’ sized cards of Fergie from the set – Base, White, and Blue.

Time to round up the last of the minis!!

1982 HEADLINE: Fergie Jenkins Joins The ’3,000 Strikeouts Club’

1982 HEADLINE:  Fergie Jenkins Joins The ’3,000 Strikeouts Club’

On this day in 1982, Fergie Jenkins struck out the 3,000th batter of his major league pitching career.

The victim?  Garry Templeton of the San Diego Padres.

The Cubs would go on to lose the game 2-1, but Jenkins joined an elite group of pitchers in the loss.  He went seven innings allowing five hits and two runs while striking out 4 and walking just 1.

When he reached the 3,000th strikeout, he became just the 7th player to accomplish the feat.

Fergie Jenkins 3000