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1995 Headline: Mike Schmidt Voted Into National Baseball Hall Of Fame

1995 Headline: Mike Schmidt Voted Into National Baseball Hall Of Fame

Mike Schmidt’s credentials are as impressive as any player to play the game in the last 50 years.  If you were to look up the definition of a ‘power hitter’ and ‘defensive specialist’ you could very easily see a reference to Mike Schmidt in both sections.

Schmidt played for 18 seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies and was and still is the face of the franchise for many baseball fans.  His raw power at the plate drew fans to the ballpark as he put on incredible displays of power while launching ball after ball into the outfield stands.  With 548 career home runs, Schmidt blasted 30 or more home runs in 12 of his 18 seasons in the majors.  And with 1,595 RBI, he certainly took advantage of have players on base when he was at bat.  Schmidt has a career batting average of .267 and hit .300 or better just 1-time.  But his job was to produce runs and that is exactly what he did – and at an unbelievable rate too.

And then there is the defense…  Schmidt was a 10-time Gold Glove winner at 3rd base.  His range, cannon of an arm, and desire to scoop up every ball hit in his direction made Schmidt the most dominant 3rd baseman during the 1980′s.

Elected to the baseball Hall of Fame in 1995, Schmidt was a 12-time All-star.  Schmidt may also be the most highly decorated player from the 1980′s as he won 3 MVP award – in 1980, 1981, and 1986.

Schmidt collected 444 of 460 votes cast for election on his first ballot.

Mike Schmidt’s Highly Sought After 1973 Topps Rookie Baseball Card

Mike Schmidt’s Highly Sought After 1973 Topps Rookie Baseball Card

The 1970′s brought us some legendary baseball rookie cards, and many of them can be had affordably if you are a wise and patient shopper.

Unfortunately, Mike Schmidt’s rookie card does not fall into that category.  They’re downright expensive!!

And they always sell, regardless of the condition.

Of all of the rookie cards from the 1970′s that I still want for my personal collection, Schmidt’s is the one that will cost me the most.  Heck, it will probably cost more than many of the others combined!

Don’t believe me, check out some ended auctions for this beauty from the 1973 Topps set:

I have shopped enough to know that I can nab a Robin Yount, George Brett, Jim Rice, Goose Gossage, and Bert Byleven rookie card for less than I would have to spend for an EX or MNT rookie card of Schmidt’s!

And still, I cannot stop the dream of owning one!!!

Some day…

Mike Schmidt & The Hall Of Fame Class Of 1995

Mike Schmidt & The Hall Of Fame Class Of 1995

Mike Schmidt was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame on his first ballot in 1995.  Of the 460 ballots cast in 1995, Schmidt received votes for entry on 444 of them.

His Hall of Fame plaque reads:

‘Unprecedented combination of power and defense with unusual mixture of strength, coordination, and speed made him one of the game’s greatest third baseman.  7th on all-time list with 548 home runs.  His 8 home run titles (1 tie) bettered only by Babe Ruth.  Hit 40 or more on three occasions and topped 30 ten other times.  48 home runs in 1980 most ever by a third baseman.  Hit 4 in one game in 1976.  3-time MVP with 10 Gold Gloves for fielding excellence’.

Schmidt HOF Postcard

Mike Schmidt’s Super Sweet Autograph

Mike Schmidt’s Super Sweet Autograph

It seems like the stars from the 1980′s really took tim in perfecting their autographs.  In my opinion, some of the best signatures in baseball are from players that solidified their status as baseball royalty during that decade.

Among the group are Ozzie Smith, Andre Dawson, Dale Murphy, Wade Boggs, Orel Hershiser, and of course Mike Schmidt.

Just take a look at how nicely Schmidt puts his signature on a baseball:

I’m proud to be the owner of one of these signed balls.  I would love a bat to match!!

Mike Schmidt’s Very Emotional Retirement Press Conference

Mike Schmidt’s Very Emotional Retirement Press Conference

On May 29, 1989 Mike Schmidt retired from the game of baseball.

Watching this video still gives me chills…

I remember this press conference like it was yesterday.  Even as a 13-year old kid, I understood how hard it was for a player like Mike Schmidt to leave the game of baseball.  One of the game’s biggest stars for close to 2 decades, Schmidt solidified himself as one of the greatest power hitters of all-time.

With a resume filled with elite milestones, Schmidt was able to leave the game as one its greatest players but that did not make the final decision any easier for him.

Cheers to you Mike Schmidt – A baseball hero and a class act!!!

Mike Schmidt & The 500 Home Runs Club

Mike Schmidt & The 500 Home Runs Club

On April 18, 1987 Michael Jack Schmidt hit the 500th home run of is incredible career!!

I remember watching the highlights of this game.  The joy that Schmidt shared with us as he rounded the bases while pumping his fists is one of the greatest memories I have of baseball from 1980′s.  Rarely do you see a player emit so much joy during a game, but Schmidt did not hold back and I am thankful that  I was able to enjoy his moment with him.

Schmidt finished his career with 548 home runs which places him in 15th place on the all-time list.

Mike Schmidt Is A 3-Time National League Most Valuable Player

Mike Schmidt Is A 3-Time National League Most Valuable Player

Only ten players in the history of major league baseball have been named a league MVP three times or more.

Mike Schmidt is one of those men!!!

And his numbers from those three seasons are superb.

Have a look:

1980 1981 1986
Hits 157 112 160
Avg 0.286 0.316 0.29
On-Base 0.33 0.435 0.39
Doubles 25 19 29
HR 48 31 37
RBI 121 91 119
Runs 104 78 97

Mike Schmidt – Your 1980 World Series MVP

Mike Schmidt – Your 1980 World Series MVP

Mike Schmidt was the offensive force behind the 1980 Philadelphia Phillies and their World Series championship.

After an unimpressive series against the Houston Astros in the NLCS, Schmidt took his game to another level when his team faced off against the Kansas City Royals for the World Series.

In the series, Schmidt hit .381 while collecting 8 hits in 21 at-bats.  He was responsible for driving in 7 runs in the 6-game series, while also scoring six times.  Schmidt had a .462 on-base percentage in the match-up and went on to be named as the World Series MVP.

Mike Schmidt Is A 9-Time Gold Glove Award Winner

Mike Schmidt Is A 9-Time Gold Glove Award Winner

When the discussion of the greatest defensive third baseman in baseball history is brought up, the conversation ends almost always between two players – Brooks Robinson and Mike Schmidt.

Both men were magicians at the ‘Hot Corner’ and their ability to make impossible plays seem effortless put them on a level that no one else has reached.

Mike Schmidt won 9 Gold Gloves for his defensive excellence.  His first win of the award came in 1976.  And he went on to capture the award in 9 of the next 10 seasons.

Mike Schmidt Owns 6 Silver Slugger Awards

Mike Schmidt Owns 6 Silver Slugger Awards

Mike Schmidt was awarded with the Silver Slugger award 6 times during his playing days with the Phillies.

A dominant third baseman that was known for his power and run producing ability, Schmidt was as feared as any hitter in the National League during the 1980′s.

Schmidt’s first Silver Slugger award came in 1980.  He went on to capture the award in 6 of the next 7 seasons.