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Happy Birthday Paul Molitor!!!

Happy Birthday Paul Molitor!!!

Paul Molitor turns 56 years old today.

Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2004, Paul Molitor had a brilliant 21-year career.  Never getting the opportunity to showcase his talents in front of a consistently large crowd, Molitor spent most of his career as an unheralded superstar.

With 3,316 career hits and a lifetime batting average of .306 Paul Molitor is one of the greatest hitters of the last 40 years.  For a player that was not classified as a ‘power hitter’ Molitor quietly bashed 234 home runs.  And while also never being classified as a ‘speedster’, Paul also accumulated 504 stolen bases.  This multi-dimensional player was a 7-time All-star, and he won 4 Silver Slugger awards as well.  Molitor finished in the Top 20 for the MVP award 9 times over the course of his career where his highest finish was coming in at 2nd place in 1993.

Happy Birthday Mr. Molitor!!!

Christmas Brings Me A Paul Molitor Signed Baseball With ‘HOF 04′ Inscription!!!

Christmas Brings Me A Paul Molitor Signed Baseball With ‘HOF 04′ Inscription!!!

After the Christmas holiday passed, I had quite a bit to go through and organize which has delayed my showing off of some of the really, great things that landed my way.

Of the lot, there was an item from my wife and boys that was simply super!

The gift was a signed Paul Molitor baseball with an added ‘Hall of Fame’ inscription.

Have a look:

Molitor Ball

Nice, huh??  Molitor has a bit of an odd scribble for his signature, but it is clearly his as I have seen dozens and dozens of them as I have shopped for more than a year for one for my collection of signed balls.

When Mill Creek ran their annual holiday sale during the Black Friday weekend after Thanksgiving, this ball was part of their offerings.  And I sent a few strong messages via email to my wife about how nice of an addition to this ball would be to my collection.

The hint was taken – and I am now the proud owner of another great ball.

And you know what, it is!!  I have wanted to add a Molitor signed ball to my collection for a while, and I can now claim that I have one.

A huge ‘Hat-Tip’ to my wife and kids for the great gift!!

1982 HEADLINE: Paul Molitor Sets Record With 5 Hits In World Series Game

1982 HEADLINE: Paul Molitor Sets Record With 5 Hits In World Series Game

On this day in 1982, Paul Molitor collected the first 5-hit game in World Series history!!!

In Game 1, and on the road in St. Louis, Molitor did everything possible to help put his Brewers in the best position to win.

His box score looking something like this – 6 at bats, 5 hits, 2 RBI, 1 run scored.  And most importantly, the Brewers won the game 10-0.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Molitor!!!

1996 HEADLINE: Paul Molitor Joins The 3,000 Hits Club

1996 HEADLINE: Paul Molitor Joins The 3,000 Hits Club

On this day in 1996, Paul Molitor collected the 3,000th hit of his major league career.

On the road playing the Kansas City Royals, Molitor and his Twins teammates took the field in front of 16,000+ fans at Kaufman Stadium.

For the game, Molitor went 3-for-4 hitting 2 singles and a triple.

Of the 3 hits he collected over the course of the game, #3000 was the triple he hit in the top of the 5th inning off of Jose Rosado.

Currently, Molitor ranks 9th in total hits in a major league career with 3,319 total hits.  It appears that Molitor’s space in the Top 10 of all-time is secure for quite some time!!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Molitor!!!

1993 HEADLINE: Paul Molitor Becomes Oldest Player To Reach 100 RBI In A Season

1993 HEADLINE: Paul Molitor Becomes Oldest Player To Reach 100 RBI In A Season

On this day in 1993, future Hall of Famer Paul Molitor set a major league record by being the oldest player to reach the 100 RBI tally in a single season.

At 37 years of age, Molitor still had it going as he was able to reach the 100-RBI plateau for the first time in his career, and the 16th season of his career.

The 100-RBI mark by a player older than 37 has been eclipsed several times since 1993, including Molitor doing it again in 1996 with 113 RBI at the age of 39.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Molitor!!!

Paul Molitor 2013 Topps Archives – 1985 Topps Design

Paul Molitor 2013 Topps Archives – 1985 Topps Design

Of the many ‘way too zoomed in’ images that the 2013 Topps Archives product brought us this year, this one of Paul Molitor does not bother me that much.

Maybe it is because you can see that he is having a really good time; probably yucking it up with a few of his teammates prior to the start of a game.

Have a look:


I do, however, wish that with these Archives cards that Topps inserted the players into the designs we have not seen them in before.

The 2013 Archives brand featured the 1972, 1982, 1985, and 1990 original Topps designs.  We’ve already got base cards of Molitor from the 82, 85, and 90 sets – why not give us the ’72 as a treat?!?!?!

Paul Molitor 2003 Topps Tribute – ‘First All-Star Season’

Paul Molitor 2003 Topps Tribute – ‘First All-Star Season’

I have a small stack of these ‘First All-Star Season’ cards from the 2003 Topps Tribute set.  I like the theme a lot; very nice to see these players get recognized in this manner.

And Topps did it right – the photo selected for this subset (at least the ones I own) seem to feature images of the player during the time in which the first All-Star selection took place.

This is the card of Paul Molitor from the set:


Molitor’s first All-Star appearance came in 1980.  He would go on to be selected for the mid-summer classic seven times during his major league career.