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Rickey Henderson’s Iconic 1980 Topps Rookie Baseball Card!!!

Rickey Henderson’s Iconic 1980 Topps Rookie Baseball Card!!!

Ask any collector to give you their ‘Top 5′ rookie cards to own from the 1980′s and the odds are pretty good that the 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson rookie card makes the list more often than not.

A classic design and great photo have kept this iconic card as a collecting goal for many almost 30 years after it’s release to the hobby.

Topps did a great job with this one…  Perfect photo choice.  Perfect colors used on the banners to compliment Rickey’s uniform.  And a perfect facsimile signature of one of the game’s brightest stars!!

The 1980 Topps Rickey Henderson rookie card – I’ve got mine, do you have yours??

Rickey Henderson And His Hall Of Fame Plaque

Rickey Henderson And His Hall Of Fame Plaque

I cannot think of a player more deserving of enshrinement at Cooperstown than Rickey Henderson.

The greatest lead-off hitter of all-time, Henderson turned base stealing into an art and was the barometer by which all future runners were held to – and nobody compared!!

Rickey Henderson had amazing baseball talent, and a personality to match.  While at times his interviews were more entertaining than his play, there is no doubt that Rickey is a baseball legend and several of his amazing accomplishments will not be matched by many players.

A true player, with an undying love for the game, Rickey Henderson is a Hall of Famer!!!

Rickey Henderson & His Kind Of Sloppy, Kind Of Rushed Looking Signature…

Rickey Henderson & His Kind Of Sloppy, Kind Of Rushed Looking Signature…

Let me first say that I have a signed Rickey Henderson baseball in my collection.  It is one of my treasures, and would rank in the ‘Top Ten’ of my collection of more than 90 signed baseballs.

I guess that I just expected a little more flash from one of the most charismatic and exciting baseball players of all-time.  It’s just that simple…

But, Rickey’s signature is far from flashy.  As a matter of fact, it is a bit dull for a player with such personality.  There are no wild loops.  There are no oversized characters.  It is just a plain, straight-forward, clean signature.

Here is an example:

Rickey Ball

Like I said, far from flashy and far from horrible.

Baseball Card Companies Love Rickey Henderson!!!

Baseball Card Companies Love Rickey Henderson!!!

Rickey Henderson offered the baseball card companies something different.  They didn’t have to rely solely on posed photography or shots of Rickey in his batting stance at the plate.

Instead he gave the card companies beauties like these:

The anticipation of the next pitch…

Head-first slides…

Base stealing dominance….

Pictures where you can almost see the gears in his head spinning…

Rickey gave all of us handfuls of unique collectibles!!!  Thanks Rickey!!

Rickey Henderson And ‘The 3,000 Hits Club’

Rickey Henderson And ‘The 3,000 Hits Club’

On the final day of the 2001 baseball season, Rickey Henderson entered the game with 2,999 career hits.

He and his Padres teammates were at home and hosting the Colorado Rockies in a battle of two teams with losing records.

There was more than 60,000 fans in attendance at the game, and they did not have to wait a long time to witness major league history.

Leading off the game and facing Rockies’ hurler John Thompson, Henderson doubled in is first at-bat and secured the 3,000th hit of his big league career.  He left the game after the hit to a standing ovation from the crowd.



Rickey Henderson, The King Of All Base Stealers!!!

Rickey Henderson, The King Of All Base Stealers!!!

Nobody compares to Rickey Henderson when it comes to what he was able to do when he got on base.

Simply stated, Rickey was the best at changing the while not having a bat in his hands or a glove on his hand.  He used his explosive speed to cause havoc on the base paths while driving the opposition crazy.

Rickey was extremely confident in his abilities and had the coveted ‘Green Light’ for most of his career.  He knew how to change the game, disrupt the work that the opposing pitcher and catcher were trying to accomplish, and make managers change their philosophies.

In 25 seasons, Rickey swiped 1,406 bases.  He is at the top of the leaderboard for this baseball statistic, and he will likely remain in that top-spot for many decades to come.

rickey photo

Rickey Henderson, The 1990 American League Most Valuable Player

Rickey Henderson, The 1990 American League Most Valuable Player

Rickey Henderson is the kind of player that can challenge for the MVP crown during each season that he plays.  His ability to separate himself from the rest of the league gave him constant respect from the voters.

It was no surprise that Rickey won the American League MVP award in 1990 – it’s just kind of surprising that it was his only one!!

In 1990, Henderson was the key that ignited the mighty Oakland A’s offense.  During that year, Rickey batted .325 and had an on-base percentage of .439.  He collected 159 hits, scored 119 runs, stole 65 bases ans smacked 28 home runs.  And in 594 plate appearances, Rickey struck out just 60 times.

Henderson’s 1990 campaign also included an All-star selection, a Silver Slugger award, and a trip to the World Series!!

Congratulations Rickey!!!

Rickey Henderson Scored Like Noone Else…

Rickey Henderson Scored Like Noone Else…

Scoring runs is what you want your lead-off hitter to do.  So why not do it better than anyone ever has before you?

For 25 major league seasons, Rickey Henderson batted lead-off.  He got on base in record numbers, which led to scoring a ton of runs.

While leading the league in runs scored just 5 times, it was Rickey’s consistency that landed him as the game’s all-time leader for runs scored.  Henderson accumulated 13 seasons in which he scored 100 or more runs.  And in total, he scored 2,295 times which is slightly above Ty Cobb who sits in second place.

Bottom Line – When Rickey got on base he was a threat to score each and every time!!

Rickey Henderson Is A 10-time All-Star

Rickey Henderson Is A 10-time All-Star

Henderson tallied 10 All-Star team selections during his 25-year career.

All of his appearances on the All-star team came during his first 13 years in the league.  6 of his selections came from his playing days in Oakland while the other 4 were from his seasons with the Yankees.

All-star nominations and selections for Henderson were natural.  He was a dominant player that had the rare ability to change the game in many ways.  Whether it was with his bat, or his feet, or his glove, Rickey Henderson was one of the greatest players during the 1980′s and his appearance on 8 of the 10 All-star teams in that decade confirms his status as an elite player!

Happy Birthday Rickey Henderson!!!

A majority of the world is celebrating a special holiday today.  And in the ’30-YOC’ household we join in that celebration too!!

But I also save a few minutes of every Christmas to celebrate the birthday of one of my favorite baseball players from my youth – Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson.

And following suit, I will dedicate a day’s worth of posts to the newest player to be enshrined at Cooperstown!

Happy Birthday Rickey!!!