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1997 HEADLINE: Tony Gwynn Wins 8th & Final Batting Title Of His Career

1997 HEADLINE: Tony Gwynn Wins 8th & Final Batting Title Of His Career

On this day in 1997, Tony Gwyn won the 8th and final batting championship of his career.  This title also put him at the top of the all-time list with the legendary Honus Wagner for the most in a career.

Taking a look back, Gwynn’s numbers are staggering:

Year # of Hits Average
1984 213 0.351
1987 218 0.370
1988 163 0.313
1989 203 0.336
1994 165 0.394
1995 197 0.368
1996 159 0.353
1997 220 0.372

That’s classic stuff right there – and the fact that he did that over a 14-season span is remarkable.

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to Hall of Famer, Tony Gwynn!!!

Tony Gwynn 2013 Topps Archives – Base Card & 1983 All-Star Card

Tony Gwynn 2013 Topps Archives – Base Card & 1983 All-Star Card

I have to say that for all of the internal interest I created for the 2013 Topps Archives release, I am not liking the set as much as I thought that I would.

For as much as I am enjoying the subsets that the 2013 Archives set brought us, the image selection for this set is far from strong, and in many cases, I could call it ‘Poor’.

This lot of Tony Gwynn cards – featuring both his 1983 All-Star card and the base card utilizing the 1990 Topps design offers examples of both.

Have a look:


On one side, you have an All-Star card that hardly features an image that could be tagged as All-Star worthy.

And on the right, the action image of Gwynn is superb.

I’ll go on the record and call this one a ‘Draw’ but I cannot say for certain that the next lot I feature will be as nice to look at…

Tony Gwynn 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen

Tony Gwynn 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen

Another great looking baseball card brought to you by Topps Gypsy Queen.



What Tony Gwynn Rookie Card Is Your Favorite?? Topps, Fleer, or Donruss??

What Tony Gwynn Rookie Card Is Your Favorite??  Topps, Fleer, or Donruss??

One of the best things about collecting baseball cards that honor the players of my youth is the limited number of rookie cards that came out during that time.  In the early 1980′s, it was just the big three – Topps, Fleer, and Donruss.  If you were able to score the rookie cards of your favorite player from those three brands, your collection was complete.  Nowadays, your favorite player may have more than three versions of his rookie card in one single set….

Back to Gwynn – his rookie season was 1983 and he had a rookie card in each set that year.

Here are the three:


gwynn 83 topps


gwynn 83 fleer


gwynn 83 donruss

So, which one do you like the most??  Which one takes you right back to your childhood when packs could be bought for $0.50 and had either gum, stickers, or puzzle pieces included in them?

For me, it is the Topps card.  I like action cards, and while this one is not a superb image, it is at least showing some action.  I also really like the color combination that Topps used for their famous ’83 design.

gwynn 83 topps

How about you?  Which one is your favorite Tony Gwynn rookie card??

Incredibly Consistent At The Plate, Tony Gwynn’s Signature Is Anything But…

Incredibly Consistent At The Plate, Tony Gwynn’s Signature Is Anything But…

I have a Tony Gwynn autographed baseball in my collection. I received the ball for my birthday from my wife and kids. They used my guidance for the purchase, and I shopped for quite a long time before settling in on the one that I chose.

My biggest while narrowing down my search is that I found some terrible inconsistencies with what I was seeing.

Take a look.

Exhibit A – very neat, very clean, easy to read. The autograph seems to ride up by the time Gwynn started his last name.

Exhibit B – perfectly centered, and quite bubbly. Not as easy to make out each letter, especially the ‘G’ in Gwynn, the signature reminds me of would be constructed by a fourth grade girl.

Exhibit C – A lot more like the first one, and since the HOF inscription is present, one has to assume that this ball has been done within the last few years.

See the dilemma?

I chose well, and I am the proud owner of a signed Tony Gwynn baseball. I played it safe, and felt the need to just be smart about it.

For my collection, Gwynn is a ‘Top Row’ ball – sitting amongst the best balls of my collection. And some of the best players that this sport has ever witnessed!!


Tony Gwynn & The Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007

Tony Gwynn & The Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007

Tony Gwynn was elected into the National Baseball Hall Of Fame in 2007. Of the 545 votes cast, Gwynn collected 532; good for 97.6%.

The plaque reads:

“An artisan with a bat whose daily pursuit of excellence produced a .338 lifetime batting average, 3,141 hits, and a National League record-tying eight batting titles. Consistency was his hallmark, hitting .300 in 19 of 20 major league seasons, including .394 in 1994. Renowned for his ability to hit to all fields, frequently collecting opposite-field base hits between third base and shortstop. Struck out just once for every 21 at-bats. A 15-time All-star and 5-time Gold Glove winner. Hit .371 in two World Series – 1984 and 1998.”

Tony Gwynn’s Lifetime Batting Average = .338

Tony Gwynn’s Lifetime Batting Average = .338

Tony Gwynn’s career .338 batting average leaves him in rare company. Sitting in a tie for 18th place on the all-time list, Gwynn is the lone player to play during the 1980′s and 1990′s in the Top 25.

The guys around Gwynn’s .338? Lou Gehrig, George Sisler, Babe Ruth, and Ted Williams. You may have heard of one of them; maybe… :)

Tony Gwynn & The ’3,000 Hits Club’

Tony Gwynn & The ’3,000 Hits Club’

Date of entry into “Club 3,000″ – August 6, 1999

The Story – On the road, and across the US border, Gwynn and his Padres teammates were taking on the Expos in Montreal. And in front of just 13,540 fans, Gwynn became a member of the ’3,000 Hits Club’. Coming into the game, Gwynn was hitting a solid .326 on the year. But on this night in Montreal, he went 4-for-5 as he collected 4 singles against the Expos. The 8-time batting champ accomplished this rare and amazing baseball feat in just 18 big league seasons as he averaged more than 166 hits in each campaign.

Baseball History – Tony Gwynn will go down as one of the sport’s greatest contact hitters of all time. He retired with a career batting average of .338 and his 3,141 hits ranks him in 18th place on the all-time list.

Tony Gwynn & His 8 Batting Titles

Tony Gwynn & His 8 Batting Titles

We all know that Tony Gwynn’s skill at the plate was unparalleled.

Let’s get right to the numbers that help confirm what we already know…

.351 in 1984

.370 in 1987

.313 in 1988

.336 in 1989

.394 in 1994

.368 in 1995

.353 in 1996

.372 in 1997


Tony Gwynn Is A 5-Time Gold Glove Award Winner!!

Tony Gwynn Is A 5-Time Gold Glove Award Winner!!

Never known for being fleet of foot, most discussion about Tony Gwynn and his ability to dominate the sport spoke of his immense ability to make contact at the plate.

But Tony Gwynn was also a solid, and sometimes elite, defender. Awarded with five Gold Gloves for excellence in defense, Gwynn rounded out his play with solid effort in the outfield. From 1986-1999, Gwynn won five award in those six seasons.

Not too shabby for the guy known as the best hitter in the last 40 years. Not too shabby at all…