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Dissecting The Horrible Product That Is 2014 Donruss

Dissecting The Horrible Product That Is 2014 Donruss

It took me some time to put it all together, but I have finally figured out the true origins of the 2014 Donruss Baseball product that was released a few months ago.

And while I, like many other collectors, was excited about the idea of a new Donruss product to collect in 2014, I have to say that this set fails, and it fails miserably.

But, I was really not sure why I did not like it as much as I actually did.

So, being the ‘numbers guy’ that I am, I took out my ‘thinking cap’ and dug in to truly analyze the set and it’s design.

And what I found is that many of the main attractions from the 2014 Donruss set are simply pieces of other card sets merged into one – a morph, if you will.

First, let me show you the card by itself.  Then, I will explain my findings further.

Here is the base card of my main-man, Giancarlo Stanton.


Not a bad card when standing alone.  Sure, there are no team name or logos on the card, but it is what it is.  And to be honest, I don’t think a Marlins logo or banner would drastically affect my opinion of the finished product.

Now, on to the breakdown…

For comparisons’ sake, I have pulled a few cards from my collection to match up to the 2014 Donruss design.

First, the ‘New’ Donruss logo is the same as the ‘Old’ Donruss logo featured on their 1981 design – just enlarged with a slight splash of color.


From there, Donruss gave us the same border design as they did in 1987 with their base set product.


Almost identical!

And if that was not bad enough, Donruss also stole from their competitor, Topps.  Yep, right from the people they are competing with.  Donruss stole the team banner design from the 1978 Topps set.


Pretty blatant if you ask me…

And friends, that is why this product fails.  A true stinker!  Nothing original.  Nothing new.  And nothing to look forward too.


30-YOC’s Opening Day Contest Winner Is…

30-YOC’s Opening Day Contest Winner Is…


On a night in which pitching ruled, and with a guess of 217 strikeouts, YOUNG BLEED was just 1 strikeout off the actual number of 218.   That’s some pretty solid guess work right there!!!

Congratulations to YOUNG BLEED!!!

Here is one more look at the prize:

2014 topps opening day

Thanks to everyone that played in my ’5th Annual Opening Day Contest’.

The next contest is right around the corner!!!

“Opening Day Contest” – The Players & Their Picks!!!

“Opening Day Contest” – The Players & Their Picks!!!

Thanks to everyone that played – Now, let’s get down to business and ‘PLAY BALL’!!!!!

Here are the players and their picks for my ‘predict the total number of strikeouts’ from Opening Day contest.

Player # OF K’s
Irondequoit36 84
TJ 99
Daniel W 104
defgav 111
Ron 137
Q 141
Adam 144
Al K 150
Charley8 151
Mgrlvr 156
Tony L 158
Cub Den 165
Eric 170
Stealing Home 177
PATP 182
Matt 187
Greydreamland 188
Fuji 192
Petethan 200
Jeff 208
connorhoopman (OUT) 208
Young Bleed 217
Vic D 221
AGL 230
Lost Collector 240
Hackenbush 250
Tom S 260


And once again, a peek at the prize:

2014 topps opening day

The player that correctly predicts the number of strikeouts thrown on ‘Opening Day’, without going over, wins this lot of three 214 Topps ‘Opening Day’ packs.

Enjoy the games everyone.  The winner will be announced tomorrow!!!


Time To Play ’30-Year Old Cardboards’ 5th Annual ‘Opening Day Contest’!!!

Time To Play ’30-Year Old Cardboards’ 5th Annual ‘Opening Day Contest’!!!

As we all eagerly wait for the 2014 baseball season to begin, I want to start it off right.

And one way to accomplish that is to host a contest!!!  This is the fourth straight season in which I am hosting an ‘Opening Day Contest’.

Here is how it will work:

There are 13 games scheduled on Opening Day, Macrh 31.  You can review the schedule, and see the starting pitchers by clicking here.  To win this contest, you need to guess how many total strikeouts will be thrown in these 13 games.  To enter, simply leave a comment on this post with your pick.  Once a number is taken, it cannot be used again.  The person who gets the closest, without going over, to the actual number of strikeouts tossed wins!!!

Opening Days brings out the sport’s top pitchers.  From King Felix to Chris Sale to Jose Fernandez – there will be a ton of K’s.  So, do your homework and make your selections now!!!

The winner of my ‘Opening Day Contest’ will win this:


That’s right – 3 packs of 2014 Topps Opening Day baseball cards!!

Sound good??  Wanna play??

Then do your homework and make your picks.  All selections must be made by 8:00 PM EST on Sunday night.  I will post a list of the players and their picks on Monday morning.

Good luck everyone!!!

Topps Releases Limited Edition ‘For Mayor’ Baseball Card Prints

Topps Releases Limited Edition ‘For Mayor’ Baseball Card Prints

*Hat-Tip to reader Matt for passing this over to me a few days ago.

Only available until Opening Day – 3/31

Shipping begins 3/27


  • Limited Edition Tom Seaver For Mayor Art Print
  • 11×17 printed on 16pt vintage trading card stock
  • Clay coated front with a chip material back
  • Matte finish with archival inks for lasting color fidelity

Sample Images:

mayor johnny bench mayor reggie mayor tom seaver


These limited edition prints have a print run of just 99.  And they are only available  until March 31 – Opening Day.

For more information, Cardboard Connection has you covered.






Regardless Of The Item, Tom Glavine Offers A Pretty Simple And Quick Autograph…

Regardless Of The Item, Tom Glavine Offers A Pretty Simple And Quick Autograph…

Oftentimes, a player’s autograph represents a big part of the player’s personality.

A player with a large a loopy autograph might be a bit eccentric.  And a guy that offers a crisp and clean signature might be a strict follower of rules.

As for Tom Glavine, his signature is far from artsy and far from messy.  Not done in perfect script, Glavine’s signature is a clean and quick one.  Not too many letters of his autograph are greatly detailed, and a few times in his auto one letter blends into another with no breaks.

Still, his signature is very consistent – regardless of the item.

A few samples for you to enjoy:




Tom Glavine Is A Member Of The ’300 Wins Club’

Tom Glavine Is A Member Of The ’300 Wins Club’

There is no greater career achievement for a starting pitcher to earn than the 300th win.

The feat is tough to accomplish, and the members of the club are an elite group of pitchers that represents many of the greatest hurlers that he game has ever seen.

Tom Glavine joined the ’300 Wins Club’ on August 5, 2007.   He was just the 23rd pitcher in major league history to accomplish the feat.


Tom Glavine, Owner Of 2,607 Strikeouts

Tom Glavine, Owner Of 2,607 Strikeouts

He may not have had the power of a John Smoltz fastball.

He may not have the precision accuracy of a Greg Maddux slider.

But, Tom Glavine had the whole package.  He could dominate batters in a variety of ways – with speed, movement, and crafty pitching, Tom Glavine struck out 2,607 batters during his major league career.

Glavine highest single-season tall of strikeouts was in 1991 when he struck out 192 batters.

He would go on to average 118.5 K’s per season, and 5.3 per nine innings of work.


Tom Glavine: 1995 World Series Champion And MVP!!!!

Tom Glavine: 1995 World Series Champion And MVP!!!!

The 1995 Atlanta Braves were a thrilling team to watch.  Led by the pitching trio of Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, and Tom Glavine, the Braves were able to withstand anything that was thrown at them just because of what their starting pitchers offered.

Glavine and his Braves teammates took on the Cleveland Indians in the 1995 World Series.  And it did not take long for Glavine to leave an impression on the Indians and a mark on the championship run.

Glavine won the World Series MVP Award for his efforts which included two of the four wins that secured the Braves their 1995 World Series title.  In 14 innings of work, Glavine allowed just four hits and two runs while striking out eleven.  He was masterful in both of his starts; and his winning ways lead to the Braves securing the championship.


Tom Glavine Won Two Cy Young Award For His Pitching Dominance

Tom Glavine Is A 5-Time, 20-Game Winner!!!

One of the most consistent pitchers in the National League during the 1990′s, Tom Glavine finished in the Top 3 for the Cy Young Award in six of ten seasons between 1991-2000.

In 1993 and 1995, he finished in third place.
In 1992 and 2000, hi finished in second place.
And in 1991 and 1998 he took home the prize!!!

The numbers:

1991 – 20-11, 2.55 ERA, 9 complete games, 1 shutout, 192 strikeouts, 69 walks, 7.0 K’s per 9 innings

1998 – 20-6, 2.47 ERA, 4 complete games, 3 shutouts, 157 strikeouts, 74 walks, 6.2 K’s per 9 innings