Frank Robinson Is A 2-Time Most Valuable Player!!!

Frank Robinson Is A 2-Time Most Valuable Player!!!

Any player, in the right circumstance, can be a contender for the MVP award.

But it is the highly skilled player that can be a challenger for the award on an annual basis that separates himself from the pack.

Over the course of his 21-year career, 20 of which were full-time, Robinson finished in the Top 10 for the MVP award nine times.  Truly ahead of 99% of his peers, Robinson was able to do it in both leagues as well.

Ultimately, he won the award twice, once in 1961 with the Reds and then again in 1966 with the Orioles.  As a matter of fact, Frank Robinson was the first player in major league history to win the MVP Award in both leagues.

Frank Robinson’s Lone Gold Glove Winning Season…

Frank Robinson’s Lone Gold Glove Winning Season…

I am not sure how the voting for the Gold Glove Award was handled back during Robinson’s era, but for today’s game, there seems to be quiet a bit of political play occurring.

For the most part, today the award is hardly given to the league’s best defenders.  Instead, it seems like the award is used to keep stars in the spotlight.

Frank Robinson won his only Gold Glove Award in 1958.  In 138 games that year, Robinson spent time in left field, center field, and even third base.  In total, he committed just five errors while amassing a fielding percentage of .991.

The other two National League winners from the outfield in 1958?  Hank Aaron & Willie Mays.  Solid company right there!!!

Frank Robinson Is A 12-Time All-Star

Frank Robinson Is A 12-Time All-Star

When you consider that Frank Robinson played during an era that featured some of the greatest outfielders in the history of the game, it is an amazing feat that he made the All-Star team twelve times.

It’s a true compliment too!!

During those All-Star Games, Robinson shared space in the outfield with Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Reggie Jackson, Carl Yastrezemski, Willie Stargell, Al Kaline, and Roberto Clemente.

Frank Robinson & The 1956 Rookie Of The Year Award

Frank Robinson & The 1956 Rookie Of The Year Award

I enjoy celebrating the Rookie of the Year Award because I like to see a young guy play and act like a veteran on the field.  Typically reserved for the more well-rounded player, the award does not always lead to an award filled career, but it does indicate that for a young player, the stats compiled are well above the competition.

And in 1956, Frank Robinson did not disappoint.

Winning the award unanimously by capturing all 24 votes, Robinson put up some very solid numbers during the 1956 baseball season.  Robinson collected 166 hits en route to a .290 batting average.  Of his 166 hits, 27 were doubles, 8 were triples, and 38 were home runs.  He also contributed 83 RBI while scoring 122 runs.

A heck of a way to start a career in the major leagues if you ask me…

Happy Birthday Frank Robinson!!!

Happy Birthday Frank Robinson!!!

Frank Robinson turns 77 years old today.

Still one of the most underrated players of all-time, Frank Robinson compiled a career of accomplishments that are on par with the game’s greatest offensive players of all-time.

And what better way to celebrate one of your favorite baseball legend’s birthday than to honor him with a full day of posts to help celebrate his fantastic career and birthday.

So, all day long, this day is for Hall of Famer, Mr. Frank Robinson.

Happy Birthday!!!

1974 HEADLINE: Fergie Jenkins Captures Career Strikeout #2,000!!!!

1974 HEADLINE: Fergie Jenkins Captures Career Strikeout #2,000!!!!

On this day in 1974, the Texas Rangers were hosting the Cleveland Indians in what would be a landmark game for Rangers’ starting pitcher Ferguson Jenkins.

In front of a crowd that was 14,800 fans deep, Jenkins collected career strikeout #2,000 when he struck out George Hendrick for the final out of the game.  It was his 9th strikeout of the evening.

The Rangers won the game 2-0, and Fergie also captured his 20th win of the season, his first with the Rangers.

His line from the game  Win, Complete Game, Shutout, 2 Hits Allowed, 0 Runs Allowed, 0 Walks Allowed, 9 Strikeouts, and just 29 batters faced.

One heck of a night for Mr. Jenkins – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

Jenkins Rangers

Reggie Jackson 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter – Pastime’s Pastime

Reggie Jackson 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter – Pastime’s Pastime

This card is the third of three cards of Reggie Jackson that I scored from the 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter baseball card release.

It is also the first one that I am showing off from the “Pastime’s Pastime” subset.

Have a look:



The card’s design is nice, and I really like the print style used on the card, but I don’t know why they made it all so dark?  Maybe to contrast the base set?  For me, it is just dark enough to be a distraction, but not dark enough to make the card horrible – I guess A&G found the sweet-spot…

And I have to say that while the image is far from superb, I am always happy to see a young Reggie Jackson on a modern baseball card!