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Happy Birthday Mickey Mantle!!

Happy Birthday Mickey Mantle!!

Today we celebrate Mickey Mantle’s birthday.

And while I am way too young too pass around first-hand stories about watching ‘The Mick’  roam around center field for the New York Yankees, I do have the next best thing.  You see, my dad is from the Bronx and spent much of his youth with his older brother in and around Yankee Stadium.  Back when baseball was the sport of choice for America’s youth, my dad and uncle and thousands of other kids around the New York area worshiped Mickey Mantle.

The stories that have been shared with me are priceless.  Sneaking into the stadium or ditching classes early to catch playoff games on the radio.  And the players that they got to see and follow are as historic as they get, with Mickey Mantle leading the way!!!

So on this day, the entire ’30-YOC’ family wishes Mr. Mickey Mantle a Happy Birthday!!!

Cal Ripken Jr. 1988 Donruss All-Star

Cal Ripken Jr. 1988 Donruss All-Star

While not brimming with action, I will take this All-Star baseball card of Cal Ripken Jr. from the 1988 Donruss set over almost any Topps-issued All-Star cards from the same decade.

Here is the card:



I dare you to find a regular issue Topps All-Star card of Ripken that is better.

Double-Dog Dare.

Cal Ripken Jr. 1998 Fleer Skybox Dugout Access – I Have An Idea To Make This Card Better…

Cal Ripken Jr. 1998 Fleer Skybox Dugout Access

The theme of ‘Dugout Access’ is a very neat one and a great one for a baseball card set.

I just wish that the theme extended beyond the name and logo.  I wish it was carried forward to the image being used on the card as well…

This is Cal Ripken, Jr’s card from the 1998 Fleer Skybox ‘Dugout Access’ set:



Like I said, the name of the set is really cool.  And the logo designed around the name also works pretty well.

Now, just imagine if the image used of Cal for this set looked more like this:

Or like this:

Now that is true ‘Dugout Access’.

Cal Ripken Jr. 1992 Fleer Ultra

Cal Ripken Jr. 1992 Fleer Ultra

The Fleer Ultra brand of baseball cards always gave us large, border-less images.

As a kid, when I first encountered these baseball cards, I always felt like I was hold a miniature photograph opposed to a baseball card.

The 1992 set is a beautiful one, and this is the card of Orioles legend, Cal Ripken Jr.




Gotta love it!  The added graphics element at the bottom of the card do nothing to distract from the overall image and that means a lot as sometimes small graphics are a major distraction.

Looks like Cal whiffed on this though, doesn’t it…

Cal Ripken Jr. 1994 Topps Stadium Club – What A Picture!!!

Cal Ripken Jr. 1994 Topps Stadium Club

Holy Cow, this is a sweet image!



I always enjoyed how Topps’ Stadium Club brand felt like you were holding a true photograph.  With their border-less style, each one felt like a mini picture, with a few added graphics.

This card from the 1994 Stadium Club set carries true with that same style.

And it looks like Ripken had to get a little dirty on this play to make an out.  It appears that he had to bolt to his right and dive for the ball, and then quickly spring up and fire a strike to first to get the runner out.  Did he do it?  One would certainly have to guess that he did.

Cal had the range and arm for the job, no doubt about it!!!

Cal Ripken Jr. 1997 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice – What’s Happening In This Photo?

Cal Ripken Jr. 1997 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice

I’m having a little trouble identifying exactly what is going on in image used on this card of Cal.

Based on the direction he is running, and that he has no glove on his hand, am I wrong in my opinion that Cal may be headed around third base and headed for home?  The shot has a backdrop that could possibly be the outfield behind either third base, shortstop, or second base.  And the direction he is headed appears to be down versus up or across.

The puzzling part is that we do not see a base line, and that little patch of grass next to his right foot.

I’m puzzled.




What do you think?

Cal Ripken Jr. 2012 Topps ‘A Cut Above’ Die-Cut

Cal Ripken Jr. 2012 Topps ‘A Cut Above’ Die-Cut

The ‘A Cut Above’ subset that Topps issued in 2012 is a pretty impressive set of cards to look at.  The design is sharp and the coloring of the cards is superb.  And when you factor in the die-cut edges, you have a very nice issue by Topps.

The set is limited to just 25 players, featuring both legends and modern players.  It is nice to see that Cal made the cut (or, die-cut) for this limited checklist.

Here is his card from the set:



I told you it was nice.

The extra Orange details in the border of the card really add a nice team-themed pop to the card.  And even with a smaller surface area for the card due to the cut and shape of the cardboard, you are not missing any action.