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Cal Ripken Jr. 1986 Topps All-Star – Back When All-Star Cards Were Boring…

Cal Ripken Jr. 1986 Topps All-Star

Even as a kid, I did not know why Topps gave us such boring cards of their All-Stars.  As someone who built sets, collected specific players, and ripped open tons and tons of packs, I always found the Topps All-Star card from the mid-1980’s and into the 1990’s a bore.

Proof is below as this is Cal Ripken Jr’s All-Star card from the 1986 Topps set.



Personally, I would prefer a card that displays an action that made Cal’s selection to the All-Star team a worthy one.  Give me him playing defense at shortstop.  Show me a shot of him rounding first and heading to second base with a full head of steam.  Give me a shot of him sliding at the plate as he scores a run.

Give me anything except for something that is so boring it could induce a coma!

Today, I am happy to see that they have put more emphasis on celebrating the stars.  While some of the number of cards of today’s players in a single set may be overkill, at least they offer good images and action.

1998 HEADLINE: Ripken’s Streak Ends At 2,632 Games

1998 HEADLINE: Ripken’s Streak Ends At 2,632 Games

On this day in 1998, Cal Ripken voluntarily sat out his first baseball game in more than 16 seasons.

Baseball’s ‘Iron Man’ thought that it was time for a break, albeit just one game.

Cal’s streak will go down as one baseball’s most grand accomplishments.  His class on and off the field accompanied by a very large baseball skill set makes him one of the greatest ambassadors that the sport will ever encounter.

Always gracious, always smiling, always a favorite – Thank You Cal!!!

Rather Quickly, My New Cal Ripken Jr. Player Collection Is Up To 127 Unique Cards!! Come See.

Rather Quickly, My New Cal Ripken Jr. Player Collection Is Up To 127 Unique Cards!!  Come See.

Friends, it has officially been less than a month, and I have already amassed a Cal Ripken Jr. collection of cards that amounts to 127 unique cards.

Yes, 127!

When I first proclaimed that I was going to be going after Cal for a player collection, the response was great and the number emails I received offering me cards was high.

I started with 27 cards in my collection on August 24 (Cal’s birthday).

An enormous stack of Ripken cards was delivered to me courtesy of Ryan from the blog, ‘Oh No, Another Orioles Blog’.

And I also received a nice assortment of cards from a Sportlots.com purchase.

And now, I am sitting at 127 unique cards of baseball’s ‘Ironman’.

And as you can see by checking out the column of cards on the extreme right of this 3-row box, my Cal Ripken collection is already on par with some of my other rapidly expanding vintage PC’s.



So, now it is time to dig in and start showing off the Ripkens that I have acquired.  So, be prepared because there is going to be a lot of Cal Ripken coverage at ’30-YOC’ over the next few weeks, and months, and probably years.

And then, I will seek more cards to add and show off.  And then more.  And then more.

Enjoy.  And ‘Thanks for reading’.


Happy Birthday Orel Hershiser!!!

Happy Birthday Orel Hershiser!!!

It is amazing to think that today Orel Hershiser is 56 years old today!!!  It makes me feel older just thinking about it…

Hershiser will be remembered most for his outstanding 1988 season.  With 23 wins, 15 complete games, and a Gold Glove award, he was the unanimous choice for the National League’s Cy Young award.  Orel led the Los Angeles Dodgers into the playoffs that season as well.  In the National League championship series, Hershiser pitched in 4 of the 7 games and earned the NLCS MVP award.  In the World Series against the heavily favored Oakland Athletics, Hershiser again dominated 2 games and won the World Series MVP award.

His most notable individual accomplishment may be the 59 straight innings pitched without giving up a single run during the 1988 season.  This record still stands today and should remain in tact for quite some time.

Hershiser enjoyed some success after leaving the Dodgers in 1994.  He was a big part of the Cleveland Indians pitching crew that took the Indians to the 1997 World Series.  But for me, and many others, Orel Hershiser will always be remembered as a LA Dodger.  And in the last year of his career in the majors, 2000, Orel returned to LA but was nowhere near as effective as he was during his first stint with the club.

Happy Birthday Orel Hershiser!!!



I want this to be the number on my paycheck.  I want this to be the number of Andre Dawson baseball cards that I own.  Hell, I would even take this number as a lottery prize.

Instead, I count this number as the single greatest individual accomplishment in baseball!!!

On this day in 1985, Pete Rose broke the Major League record for most career hits with 4,192.

I remember watching this game live on TV with my dad when I was just 9 years old.  Before the Internet and before Sportscenter became a mainstream media outlet, people tuned into games like this to witness history.  Both my dad and I joined the packed stadium and gave Rose a standing ovation as he became the greatest hitter baseball had ever seen.

Happy Anniversary to ‘Charlie Hustle’!!!

Happy Birthday Roger Maris!!!

Happy Birthday Roger Maris!!!

We’ve got to take a few minutes out of the day today to honor and celebrate the great Roger Maris.

A star from the most legendary franchise in the history in the sport’s history, Maris will always be known as the man who broke Babe Ruth’s record.  His story, as documented in the movie *61, is fantastic and worthy of every baseball fan’s attention.

Maris played in the majors for 12 seasons, spending his greatest years with the Yankees.  In total, Maris slugged 275 home runs, but that season of 1961 where he connected for 61 home runs and 141 RBI will go down as one of the most impressive offensive seasons in baseball history.

Maris is a 4-time All-Star, and 2-time MVP winner.  He played in seven World Series match-ups, winning three championship titles!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Maris!!!  You are missed and loved!!!

Reader Ryan Sends Over A Major Stack Of Cal Ripken Cards. We’re Talking 88 Cards. Yes, 88!!!

Reader Ryan Sends Over A Major Stack Of Cal Ripken Cards. We’re Talking 88 Cards.  Yes, 88!!!

The headline is accurate.  The facts are accurate.

I am the recipient of one of the greatest baseball card gifts I have seen across any of the many baseball card blogs that I have encountered over the last 6+ years.

Reader Ryan, of the blog ‘O No, Another Orioles Blog’ sent me over a stack of Cal Ripken Jr. baseball cards that would make any collector smile.  Ripken is the epitome of baseball royalty and for Ryan to drop 88 cards on me strictly because he wanted them to go to a collector that would appreciate them is astounding and extremely generous.

The cards cover almost the full range of Ripken’s playing days, and there was even some modern stuff mixed in as well.

Have a look at the full treasure:



1 single picture cannot do this stack justice.

I’ve got a bit of organizing to do.  And that includes logging the cards onto my Ripken checklist and dropping the cards into penny sleeves.  From there, they will all hit the scanner and then be dropped into top loaders.  Lastly, they will be drafted and then featured on ’30-YOC’ for weeks and months to come.

And just like that, my Cal Ripken Jr. Player Collection is off and running.

Ryan, Thanks again – a truly great treat!!