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Happy Birthday Ed ‘Whitey’ Ford!!!

Happy Birthday Ed ‘Whitey’ Ford!!!

Hall of Famer Whitey Ford celebrates his 86th birthday today.

One of the most celebrated and valued member of the New York Yankees franchise had a career like no other.  A pitcher on a team full of sluggers, Ford made his presence known with his command on the mound.

Ford spent his entire 16-year career in pinstripes, and he started in 438 contests.  During that time, he compiled a record of 236-106, good for a 69% winning percentage.

Ford won the Cy Young award in 1961 largely in due to his amazing 25-4 record.  He was an 8-time All-star, while also finishing in the Top 20 for the MVP award 6 times.

In his 16 seasons, Ford made it to the World Series 11 times.  He ended winning 6 championships along the way, and he has a 10-8 record in the Fall Classic.

Happy Birthday to a true legend, Mr. Whitey Ford!!!

Contest Time – ‘6th Annual Pick The Award Winners Contest’

Contest Time – ‘6th Annual Pick The Award Winners Contest’

Finally!  Another fun contest being held by your good friend at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

I have hosted this contest for the last 5 seasons, so why not go for six in a row…

The rules – To qualify for the contest all you have to do is select who you think will win the Rookie Of The Year awards, Cy Young Awards, and Most Valuable Player award in both leagues.  Each correct answer will earn you 2 points.  To make things interesting, I will also award an additional point if you correctly name the second place player for the 2 MVP awards.  In total you have to submit 8 players and designate who will finish in first and second place in the MVP race.

A correct entry ballot will look something like this:



AL Cy –

NL Cy –

AL MVP Winner –

AL MVP 2nd

NL MVP Winner –

NL MVP 2nd

Entries are due by 10:00PM EST on Sunday so get your homework done and submit your picks quickly so you’re eligible to win.

And what is the prize, you ask?

How about this?


6 packs of 1988 Score baseball cards for the winner!!

Great prize, huh??   Yeah, I thought you would like it!!!

Sound like fun?  Then submit your picks into the comments section of this post.  Good Luck!!!

Jim Palmer’s Glorious 1966 Topps Rookie Baseball Card

Jim Palmer’s Glorious 1966 Topps Rookie Baseball Card

When I decided a few years back that I wanted to pay tribute to Jim Palmer and his Hall of Fame career, I knew that some cards would be tougher to obtain.

And while I am not so finicky that I will not accept good or very good condition baseball cards in my collection, I am patient enough to wait it out long enough to know that I have found one that will make me happy.

And you know what, it took quite some time, but I eventually brought one into my collection.

And it is superb – Have a look:

Jim Palmer’s Hall Of Fame Plaque

Jim Palmer’s Hall Of Fame Plaque

Elected to the Hall of Fame on his first ballot in 1990, Jim Palmer received 411 of the 444 votes counted.

With a pitching resume that could compare with the game’s greatest, the fact that Palmer fell short of the 300 wins mark by 32 victories did not hurt his reputation as one of the greatest pitchers from the 60’s, 70’s, and into the 80’s.

A true class act that stayed loyal to one team over the course of his career, Palmer still holds several Baltimore Oriole pitching records and remains a team favorite 25+ years since his retirement!!!

Congratulations on a fantastic career and Happy Birthday Mr. Jim Palmer!!!!

Jim Palmer Has A Very Stylish And Surprisingly Affordable Autograph!!!

Jim Palmer Has A Very Stylish And Surprisingly Affordable Autograph!!!

I own a baseball signed by Jim Palmer – one of my personal favorites.  The style in which he scribbles his name is very appealing to the eye, even though someone not familiar with his signature may have a hard time reading it.

And Palmer’s autographs can be had for a pretty good price too.  He is always on the autograph signing circuit, and most of the in-person experiences I have read involving the 3-time Cy Young winner are very positive.

What’s nice about how Palmer signs is the consistency of his autograph – all of them look fantastic!!!

Whether it is on a baseball…

Jim Palmer Was Quite The Spokesman Back In The Day…

Jim Palmer Was Quite The Spokesman Back In The Day…

The expression goes something like this – “The ladies want to be with him, and the guys want to be like him”.

And that is probably why Jim Palmer was a very successful spokesman during his playing days, and even after.

A peek at some fun commercials I found featuring Mr. Palmer….

Good stuff right there!!!

Jim Palmer Owns 3 World Series Championship Rings!!

Jim Palmer Owns 3 World Series Championship Rings!!

It’s very impressive that Jim Palmer has won three World Series Championships.

Equally impressive is that he played in 6 championship match-ups during his 19-year big league career.

However, what I find most impressive about Palmer and his World Series experiences is that he won a World Series in three different decades.  Jim Palmer and his Baltimore Orioles teammates won championships in 1966, 1970, and 1983!!  In those three championship runs, Palmer went a perfect 3-0 for the O’s while pitching 26 innings.  In those 26 innings, he allowed 8 runs while striking out 16.

Simply Stellar!!!