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Jim Palmer 2013 Topps Chrome Update ‘Postseason Heroes’

Jim Palmer 2013 Topps Chrome Update ‘Postseason Heroes’

On a recent comment left by reader Matt, he informed me the 2013 Topps Update Chrome set included cards from the Postseason Heroes subset.

And for me that meant two things: Jim Palmer & Reggie Jackson.

And my hunt began.  Thankfully, it did not take too long either as I was able to snag the Palmer for $1.99 which included shipping.

Have a look:



Up next, I’ll have to track down the Reggie Jackson card.

As for the card,I like the added Chrome touch.  And it looks pretty neat when set side-by-side with the base version.

I won’t be collecting the Chrome version of the subset (at least not yet) but that does not mean that I won’t pick them up if found at bargain pricing…

On to the Reggie!!!

Jim Palmer 2004 Playoff Honors ‘Class Reunion’ With Joe Morgan

Jim Palmer 2004 Playoff Honors ‘Class Reunion’ With Joe Morgan

Cards like this one are so enjoyable to look at and enjoy – it is just tough when you collect both players.

So, what is a collector to do?

Again it is tough – but I will stick to my guns and approach a card like this in the same manner that I always have.  The card will go into the collection of the guy I have collected longer.

So, this card will go into my Jim Palmer collection.

The card is from the 2004 Donruss Playoff Honors subset tagged as ‘Class Reunion’.  The card is serial numbered as 318/1990, and it pays homage to the two men that were the headliners of the 1990 Baseball Hall of Fame class.

Have a look:




30-Year Old Cardboard’s “STATE OF THE PALMER”

30-Year Old Cardboard’s “STATE OF THE PALMER”

Once a year I try to give a complete recap of my major player collections.  This gives me a chance to time-stamp the full collection on my blog so I can keep this data stored in an easy to find manner while also getting to share the information with the great readers of ’30-YOC’.

In the past this has served me very well as I have met some great player collectors through these posts – and also struck up some great trades too.

This is 30-Year Old Cardboard’s “STATE OF THE PALMER”.

Here is a complete breakdown of my entire Jim Palmer baseball card collection:

  • total cards – 241
  • cards from playing days – 56
  • cards issued post retirement – 185
  • relic cards – 20
  • in-person / TTM autographs – 0
  • certified autographs – 3

I’ve been actively collecting Jim Palmer baseball cards for more than four years.  Thankfully he is included in a lot of modern issues so the opportunity to grow the collection is still very real.  I would like to expand on the vintage cards as time and money allow, and I would like to pull in a few more autographed cards as well.

jim palmer photo

Jim Palmer 2002 Fleer Greats

Jim Palmer 2002 Fleer Greats

The 2002 Fleer Greats set offers up a very nice 3-D looking baseball card set.

Between the muted background and the touches of color on display, the player images on these Fleer Greats cards really leap from the surface.


While Palmer was not blessed with the fastest fastball in the American League, it looks like the heat is coming on this card!!!


1990 Headline: Jim Palmer & Joe Morgan Voted Into National Baseball Hall Of Fame

1990 Headline: Jim Palmer & Joe Morgan Voted Into National Baseball Hall Of Fame

On this day in 1990, both Jim Palmer and Joe Morgan were elected into the Hall of Fame as part of the ‘Class of 1990′.

Jim Palmer was the heart and soul of the Baltimore Orioles pitching staff for the better part of three decades.  Capturing 268 wins en route to a 64% winning percentage, Palmer captured 3 Cy Young Awards and three World Series championships.  He is a 6-time All-Star and 4-time Gold Glove winner.

Joe Morgan personified the term ‘team player’ as he used his skills to help his team win and win big!  A 2-time World Series champion and 2-time MVP, Morgan set the bar for offensive output for second basemen.  Morgan was a 10-time All-Star and 5-time Gold Glove winner.

Jim Palmer & Joe Morgan – 2 favorites at ’30-YOC’

2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset – Jim Palmer

2013 Topps Update ‘Postseason Heroes’ Subset – Jim Palmer

The 2013 Topps Update baseball card set includes a subset tagged as ‘Postseason Heroes.  And with that theme, you would expect to find cards of modern players like Albert Pujols, Edgar Renteria, and Pablo Sandoval but none of these guys made the checklist.

That does leave room for some nice surprises…

This is the card of Jim Palmer from the set:



This card is so nice I had to pick up two of them – one for my player collection and one for this subset.

Jim Palmer is the only player in major league history to win three World Series crowns in three different decades.  He won titles with the Baltimore Orioles in 1966, 1970, and 1983.

In 19 big league season, Palmer made it to the postseason eight times.  He competed in four World Series match-ups, winning three titles.  In 15 career postseason starts, Palmer has a record of 8-3 with a 2.61 ERA.

Jim Palmer 2010 Topps Short Print – NICE!!!

Jim Palmer 2010 Topps Short Print – NICE!!!

I have a small revolving list of cards that I am always keep an eye out for but will stand firm on my budget as I shop for them.  They’re not cards that I seek out every day, but roughly every week or so.  The list revolves and typically when I obtain a card or two from that list, I add a few more to start watching for.

One of the cards that has been on the list for a very long time has finally been bought.

And now, I am the proud owner of a 2010 Topps Short Print card of Jim Palmer.

Have a look:



The card is sweet!  And I love that logo in the lower-left corner.

Also, the camera angle is very unique, especially for a shot that was most likely taken in the 1970′s.

A great addition to my Jim Palmer collection!!!

Jim Palmer 2005 Upper Deck Hall Of Fame Baseball – Serial Numbered As #13/15

Jim Palmer 2005 Upper Deck Hall Of Fame Baseball – Serial Numbered As #13/15

It took me a little time, but I wanted to bring a new card into my Jim Palmer collection that was a little more ‘rare’.

The term ‘rare’ in the baseball card world can mean a lot of different things depending on who you are talking about and what the subject of the conversation is.

When it comes to modern baseball card releases, the term ‘rare’ is simply another way of saying that the card has a low circulation, and is serial numbered as such.

This card I picked up of Jim Palmer from the 2005 Upper Deck Hall of Fame Baseball set is numbered to just 15 copies.  Mine is #13.

Have a look:


I picked this one up for a couple of dollars a few weeks ago.  To date, this is the lowest serial-number card I own of Jim Palmer.  I hope to be able to add a few more in the coming weeks and months ahead.


Jim Palmer 2013 Topps Update ‘Chasing History’

Jim Palmer 2013 Topps Update ‘Chasing History’

It’s nice to see so many legends inserted into these ‘Chasing History’ cards that were parts of the 2013 Topps flagship set, but after releases in Series 1, Series 2, and Update, I am still unsure if I really like and understand the set.

The word ‘Chasing’ refers to the present time – yet many of the 150 feats showcased on this set have already been achieved, some decades ago.

So, while the cards look great – and the images are outstanding, it is the theme that leaves me scratching my head.

This year’s update set featured a card of Jim Palmer.  And I have finally scooped one for my player collection.

Have a look:



Great image.  Great design.  The set???  Meh…

Jim Palmer 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes – Baltimore

Jim Palmer 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes – Baltimore

I keep chipping away at this set, but I don’t feel like I am making that much progress…

Let me explain a bit more – This set is sweet, and I live the card design.  But, for every base card, like the one below, there are two more versions – a State and a Zip Code parallel.

So, as I mentioned before, I am making progress but it is a slow go as it is taking the parallel cards a lot longer to appear for sale than the base.

I wish that Panini announced the print run of the two parallel versions as this would give us some kind of scale to judge just how rare these added versions may/may not be…

Until then, I will simply hope for the best and continue to try to add more to my collection.

This is the base card of Jim Palmer from the set: