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1975 Topps Set Card 233/660 – #548 – Charlie Sands, Angels

1975 Topps Set Card 233/660 – #548 – Charlie Sands, Angels

Progress: 233/660

Player Name:  Charlie Sands

Team:  California Angels

Position:   Catcher

Image Style:  Posed Portrait

Years In The Major Leagues:  6 seasons, 1967, 1971-75

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Charlie Sands played in just 3 games during the 1975 baseball season.  He had 3 official plate appearances in those contests and connected for 1 hit, struck out 1 time, and also drew a walk.  On the year, he hit .500.

Notes From Career:  Sands played in 93 major league baseball games during his career.  He is a lifetime .214 hitter with 31 hits in 145 at-bats.  Of his 145 hits, 13 went for extra bases – 6 doubles, 1 triple, and 6 home runs.  Sands suited up for four different clubs during his career and was primarily used as a back-up catcher and pinch hitter.


Happy Birthday Bobby Richardson!!!

Happy Birthday Bobby Richardson!!!

Bobby Richardson turns 79 years old today.

The MVP of the 1960 World Series, Richardson’s role in that championship match-up of his Yankees and the Pittsburgh Pirates was vital.  In that 7-game series, Richardson hit .367 as he collected 11 hits in 30 at-bats.  He also scored 8 runs, hit a homer, and drove in 12.  Stuff that legends are made of, right there!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Richardson.

Happy Birthday Jorge Posada!!!

Happy Birthday Jorge Posada!!!

Jorge Posada turns 43 years old today.

I have always had a lot of respect for catchers.  I feel that their role is the most critical one on the team due to their handling of the entire pitching staff.  A good, strong catcher is able to communicate well, be a team leader, and must be trusted by each and every member of the pitching staff.  Jorge Posada is the perfect example of this.

Posada led the New York Yankees to 5 championship titles during his reign as their #1 catcher.  What is most impressive about this run of excellence is that the Yankees change players, and specifically pitchers, quite often.  Posada had the skills as a leader to be able to handle new pitchers added to the team while still keeping them as competitive and dominant as they need to be without skipping a beat.

Jorge Posada had a fantastic career and will go down as one of the best catchers from his generation.

Happy Birthday Mr. Posada!!!

1975 Topps Set Card 229/660 – #221 – Aurelio Rodriguez, Tigers

1975 Topps Set Card 229/660 – #221 – Aurelio Rodriguez, Tigers

Progress: 229/660

Player Name:  Aurelio Rodriguez

Team:  Detroit Tigers

Position:   3rd Base

Image Style:  Posed Fielding

Years In The Major Leagues:  17 seasons, 1967-83

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Aurelio Rodriguez played in 151 games for the Detroit Tigers during the 1975 baseball season.  He spent all of that time defending third base while getting 507 at-bats.  Rodriguez hit .245 during the season with 124 total hits including 20 doubles, 6 triples, and 13 home runs.  Rodriguez scored 47 runs for the Tigers in ’75 while also driving in 60.

Notes From Career:  Aurelio Rodriguez was a solid performer at third base, earning a Gold Glove during the 1976 season for his sharp play.  During his 17-season career, he amassed a fielding percentage of .964 while committing just 215 errors in 1,983 total  games played.  Rodriguez has a lifetime batting average of .237 with 1,570 career hits.


Reggie Jackson 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter – Base

Reggie Jackson 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter – Base

Well, I have not picked up many cards from the new Allen & Ginter set, but the ones that I have are directly linked to my most precious player collections.

Like this one of Hall of Famer, Reggie Jackson!

Check it out:



While the image used is not one that is very unique, it does feature a young Reggie from his first stint with the Oakland A’s.  And for this collector, that is something to enjoy.

Would I rather the card have an image of Reggie in action?  Yes, but I know that is not the ‘MO’ of Ginter.

So, I scoop up this card happily and insert it into my collection that honors his great career.


While Sorting & Organizing, I Found Some Pretty Neat Miguel Cabrera & Gary Sheffield Cards In My Marlins Box!

While Sorting & Organizing, I Found Some Pretty Neat Miguel Cabrera & Gary Sheffield Cards In My Marlins Box!

Last weekend I spent my evenings going through all of my cards.  I really dug in deep as I felt that my organized ways were starting to fray.

The end result is that my need for two more 3-row boxes would allow me to keep my cards in perfect order, so I went to the local card shop and picked up the boxes so I could complete my task.

One of the last tasks I did was sift through all of my Marlins cards.  I was not doing this with a certain goal or purpose, but I wanted to just get a better feel of what was in there.

And lo and behold, I found a handful of pretty nice-looking Miguel Cabrera cards.

Check them out:


I know it is just 8 cards, but I’d rather have 8 cards of the 2-time MVP than have no cards of him from his time with the Marlins…

I also found a healthy dose of Gary Sheffield cards from his days with the team too.

Here they are:

img639 img640

Super cool stuff right there!

And while I do not have the desire at this time to focus a lot more attention to either of these players, I will keep my eyes peeled for cards of either of them in Marlins uniforms when I dig into the bargain bins at future card shows.

For now, I will sit back and enjoy a few more memories of these two great players and their times wearing Teal & Black!

Have a nice night.

Happy Birthday Deion Sanders!!!

Happy Birthday Deion Sanders!!!

Deion Sanders turns 47 years old today.

The guy that they called ‘Prime Time’ was a joy to watch.  And while he was ultimately a better professional football player than baseball player, Deion was still entertaining nonetheless.

With a major league career that lasted 9 seasons, Deion’s career was based on his greatest attribute – Speed!

Sanders collected 159 stolen bases during his playing days.  Usually hitting at the top of the line-up, his skills allowed for him to score 308 runs in 641 games.

A member of the Braves, Reds, Yankees, and Giants, Deion had the charisma and flare to excite crowds and bring people to the ballpark.  And if memory serves me properly, he was also a great baseball postseason player too.

Happy Birthday ‘Prime Time’!!!

Rickey Henderson 2013 Topps Triple Threads Numbered To 650…

Rickey Henderson 2013 Topps Triple Threads Numbered To 650…

While Purple is far from the first or second color I would choose to be the primary color used on my baseball card design, this card of Rickey Henderson from the 2013 Topps Triple Threads set with its Purple background is far from bad.

Have a look:




I am assuming that the great, action-packed image of Rickey keeps you more focused on him pumping his arms and legs in a sprint rather than getting stuck on the load of Purple that covers the surface of the card.

I like it when the picture takes center stage, and with this one, it is definitely the main attraction!

The card is serial numbered to 650 copies.  Mine is #43/650.


1988 HEADLINE: Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage Captures Career Save #300

1988 HEADLINE: Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage Captures Career Save #300

On this day in 1988 Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage collected the 300th save of his big league career.

At home and in front of a crowd of 32,000 Cubs fans, Gossage came into the game in the top of the ninth inning to secure the Cubs victory, the win for Greg Maddux, and save #300 of his career.  The save was his 11th of the year and helped the Cubs secure the 7-4 win over Philadelphia.

In total, Gossage recorded 310 saves.  He currently sits in 22nd place on the all-time list.

Happy Anniversary Goose!!!

1985 HEADLINE: Tom Seaver Joins The ‘300 Wins Club’

1985 HEADLINE: Tom Seaver Joins The ‘300 Wins Club’

On this day back in 1985 Tom Seaver recorded the 300th win of his career!!

Battling against the most popular team in the sport, Seaver’s White Sox team was at Yankee Stadium to take on ‘The Bronx Bombers’.

The Sox won the ball game with a 4-1 win and Seaver won the 300th game of his career at the age of 40.  Here is a quick look at his numbers from this historic event:

Innings pitched 9
Hits allowed 6
Strikeouts 7
Walks 1
K’s : Walks 7:1
Runs allowed 1

Not a bad effort for the 40-year old baseball history making machine huh?  For Seaver, it was an incredible effort and another amazing accomplishment during his brilliant baseball career.

Happy Anniversary to ‘Tom Terrific’!!!!