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Reggie Jackson 2008 Topps Triple Threads – Green

Reggie Jackson 2008 Topps Triple Threads – Green

While the design is far from the best that the Topps Triple Threads product has offered us over the last few years, the colors used on this card of Reggie Jackson from the 2008 set certainly work with his Oakland A’s garb.

The card is the Green version from the 2008 Triple Threads set, and it is serial numbered as 101/240.

Have a look:



Again, I like the colors, but the design is a bit bland in comparison to Triple Threads’ designs that followed.

I will say that the Green bar that sits in between the two Black bars at the top of the card adds a nice touch.

And any time you can add a serial numbered Reggie Jackson card to your collection, it is a nice bonus!

Reggie Jackson 2001 Upper Deck UD Decades ‘Disco Era Dandies’

Reggie Jackson 2001 Upper Deck UD Decades ‘Disco Era Dandies’

My friends, sometimes a card company just gets it right.

The card theme is matched perfectly by the card’s design.  And you get a work of art.

Upper Deck was excellent at doing this.  And this card of Reggie Jackson from their 2001 UD Decades ‘Disco Era Dandies’ is an awesome baseball card.




Told ya!

Happy Birthday David Justice!!!

Happy Birthday David Justice!!!

David Justice turns 48 years old today.

Starring for four different teams during his 16-season big league career, David Justice was a baseball superstar for most of his playing days in the major leagues.

A player with a tremendous swing, Justice was able to hit monster home runs while maintaining a healthy batting average.  On 11 different occasions, Justice collected 20 or more home runs, including 2 seasons with at least 40 dingers.  He also compiled a .300 or better batting average four times.

Justice made the All-star team 3 times.  He won the Rookie of the Year award in 1990 with the Braves.  And most importantly, Justice competed in 6 different World Series match-ups, ultimately winning two championships.

Dave Justice was an impactful player for all of the rosters he was a part of.

Happy Birthday Mr. Justice!!!

1975 Topps Set Card 71/660 – #311 – 1974 Earned Run Average Leaders

1975 Topps Set Card 71/660 – #311 – 1974 Earned Run Average Leaders

Progress: 71/660

Player Name:  Jim Hunter, Buzz Capra

Card Number:  311

Team:  Oakland A’s, Atlanta Braves

Image Style: Posed Portrait

How they got there:

Buzz Capra led all of major league baseball with a 2.281 ERA at the end of the 1974 baseball season.  He was followed in the NL by pitchers Phil Niekro, Jon Matlack, and Mike Marshall.  Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter paced the American League with a 2.488 ERA.


Reggie Jackson 2001 Upper Deck ‘Legends Of New York’ – ’78 Banner Seasons

Reggie Jackson 2001 Upper Deck ‘Legends Of New York’ – ’78 Banner Seasons

I’ve got a few cards from this set, and they are all pretty nice.  The images are sharp and clean, and while done in Black and White, you don’t feel like the lack of color takes away from the image used.

Also, that Blue ‘Yankees’ nameplate is done in a felt, fuzzy material.  Remember some of those wacky stickers we used to have as kids?  Yeah, that material is on this card too.

Check it out:


1975 Topps Set Card 67/660 – #278 – Paul Lindblad, A’s

1975 Topps Set Card 67/660 – #278 – Paul Lindblad, A’s

Progress: 67/660

Player Name:  Paul Lindblad

Card Number:  278

Team:  Oakland Athletics

Position:  Pitcher

Image Style:  Posed Portrait

Years In The Major Leagues:  14 seasons, 1965-78

Notes From His 1975 Season:   Lindblad appeared in 68 games for the A’s in 1975.  He put together a record of 9-1 with a solid 2.72 ERA in 122 innings of work.  Of the 499 batters that Lindblad faced, he struck out 58 while walking 43.
Notes From Career:  Paul Lindblad appeared in 655 regular season games during his career.  He finished with a 68-63 record with 64 saves and 1 shutout on his resume.  He appeared in the postseason three times during his playing days making it to the World Series twice.  And each appearance resulted in World Series wins – in 1973 with Oakland and in 1978 with the Yankees.


Happy Birthday Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter!!!

Happy Birthday Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter!!!

Today we celebrate the birthday of Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter.

Hunter’s Hall of Fame resume includes a 224-166 record.  Catfish pitched for 15 seasons in the big leagues and was an 8-time All-Star.  He won the Cy Young award in 1974 when he went 25-12 with a 2.49 ERA.  Catfish won 5 World Series rings – 3 with the Oakland A’s and 2 with the New York Yankees.

Happy Birthday ‘Catfish’!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – Reggie Jackson 2014 Donruss

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6 – Reggie Jackson 2014 Donruss

The lone modern card of a legend of the game that I scored at the card show came from the new 2014 Donruss release.

And had it not been for the fact that this card was sitting on the top of a stack of cards from that set, I more than likely would have missed it altogether.

The star?

Reginald Martinez Jackson – Yessir, Reggie!



I like the look of this one.  It is the first one that I have seen with the Blue border accents and it works nicely with the Yankees colors and ‘New York’ banner on the bottom of the card.

And the image works too because you don’t get the sense that it was solely chosen due to the fact that the Yankees logo has been removed from Reggie’s jersey and cap.

A very nice addition to my Reggie Jackson collection.

1987 HEADLINE: Dennis Eckersley Traded To Oakland A’s

1987 HEADLINE: Dennis Eckersley Traded To Oakland A’s

On this day in 1987, the Chicago Cubs traded future Hall of Famer, Dennis Eckersley to the Oakland Athletics.

As part of a 5-player, 2-team trade, Eckersely and Dan Rohn were shipped to the Oakland A’s in exchange for Brian Guinn, Dave Wilder, and Mark Leonette.

Now I don’t know about you, but I would have to say that the A’s got the better end of that deal… You agree, right?? :)

Reggie Jackson 1984 Ralston Purina 1st Annual Collector’s Edition

Reggie Jackson 1984 Ralston Purina 1st Annual Collector’s Edition

I’m all for scooping up oddball baseball cards as I think that they absolutely have  their place in the hobby when reviewing the overall production of cards and how the country has reacted to the popularity of baseball cards since their creation.

But, I was going to put a baseball card in a time capsule to show kids 100 years from now what entertained children and adults from the 1980′s, I would not use this card of Reggie Jackson from the 1984 Purina 33-card collector’s edition set as my piece of history.

Have a look:



I love the player, but this one is just awful…  WHOA!!!