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1975 Topps Set Card 243/660 – #294 – Geoff Zahn, Dodgers

1975 Topps Set Card 243/660 – #294 – Geoff Zahn, Dodgers

Progress: 243/660

Player Name:  Geoff Zahn

Team:  Los Angeles Dodgers

Position:  Pitching

Image Style:  Posed Pitching

Years In The Major Leagues:  13 seasons, 1973-85

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Geoff Zahn appeared in 18 games during the 1975 baseball season, splitting time between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs.  Zahn started 10 games during the year, and put together a record of 2-8 with one save.  He had an ERA of 4.66 as he allowed 40 runs in 65 innings of work.

Notes From Career:  Geoff Zahn pitched for four clubs during his big league career.  A lifetime 111-109 pitcher, Zahn threw 79 complete games over his playing days with 20 shutouts.  He has a career ERA of 3.74 as he allowed 889 runs in 1,849 innings of work.  Zahn made it to the playoffs just one time, losing in the ALCS as a member of the Angels in 1982.


1975 Topps Set Card 242/660 – #49 – Larry Dierker, Astros

1975 Topps Set Card 242/660 – #49 – Larry Dierker, Astros

Progress: 242/660

Player Name:  Larry Dierker

Team:  Houston Astros

Position:  Pitcher

Image Style:  Posed Pitching

Years In The Major Leagues:  14 seasons, 1964-77

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Larry Dierker started 34 games for the Houston Astros in 1975.  In those 34 starts, he compiled a record of 14-16 and a 4.00 ERA.  In 232 innings of work, Dierker gave up 225 hits and 109 runs while also striking out 127 batters and walking 91.

Notes From Career:  Larry Dierker was a 2-time All-Star during his 14-year big league career.  He has a lifetime record of 139-123, and had a personal best 20-wins in 1969.  Dierker threw 106 complete games during his career, including 25 shutouts.  He has a career ERA of 3.31 as he allowed 948 runs in 2,333 innings of work.


Jose Fernandez 2014 Topps Series 2 – 2013 NL ROY – Red Border Parallel

Jose Fernandez 2014 Topps Series 2 – 2013 NL ROY – Red Border Parallel

Sometimes at ’30-YOC’, it is ‘Another Day, Another Parallel’.

But, this is not a complaint, it is a celebration!

I am thrilled at how my Jose Fernandez player collection is growing, and lately a lot of that growth has come due to the number of cards I have secured of his from the 2014 Topps Series 2 issue.  With two cards in the base set, there is quite a bit to go after when yo consider the high number of parallels available, and I am intrigued by the possibility of getting a bunch of them.

My latest pick-up is the Red-border version of his NL ROY card.

Have a look:


1975 Topps Set Card 237/660 – #62 – Fritz Peterson, Indians

1975 Topps Set Card 237/660 – #62 – Fritz Peterson, Indians

Progress: 237/660

Player Name:  Fritz Peterson

Team:  Cleveland Indians

Position:  Pitcher

Image Style:  Posed Portrait

Years In The Major Leagues:  11 seasons, 1966-76

Notes From His 1975 Season:  Fritz Peterson started 25 games for the Cleveland Indians during the 1975 baseball season.  He compiled a record of 14-8 while throwing 148 innings for the club.  Peterson amassed an ERA of 3.94 in those 25 contests, striking out just 47 batters while giving up 40 walks.

Notes From Career:  Fritz Peterson pitched for 3 different teams during his major league career.  In 355 appearances, he put together a career record of 133-131 with 1 save, 90 complete games, and 20 shutouts.  In 2,218 innings of work, Peterson allowed 2,217 hits and 947 runs.  He was selected as an All-Star during the 1970 baseball season.


Happy Birthday Rollie Fingers!!!

Happy Birthday Rollie Fingers!!!

Rollie Fingers turns 68 years old today.

While Rollie Fingers may best be known for his famous facial hair, his solid baseball career earned him quite a bit of fame too.

A 17-year veteran, boasting 341 career saves and seven All-star appearances, Fingers was a dominant relief pitcher for more than a decade.

His best work was during the 1981 season while playing for the Milwaukee Brewers.  In that season, Fingers posted a 6-3 record while also collecting 28 saves.  He had a 1.04 ERA with 78 innings pitched.  And in those appearances he struck out 61 batters while walking just 13.  Fingers’ dominance was enough to earn him the league’s Cy Young and Most Valuable Player awards – a truly remarkable feat!!

Rollie Fingers is a 3-time World Series champion.  His efforts on the 1972-74 Oakland A’s teams help the team from ‘The Bay’ become one of baseball’s greatest dynasties!!!

With such an impressive resume, it is kind of shocking that Fingers has a losing record.  For his career, he is 114-118.  So for his birthday, I would like to give Mr. Fingers a ‘do-over’ of the 1978 season in which he went 6-13.  I am hoping for 5 more wins than losses so this Hall of Famer could hold his head even a little higher with his above .500 winning percentage!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Fingers!!!

1975 Topps Set Card 236/660 – #614 – Rookie Pitchers With Kucke, Miller, Ruhle, Siebert

1975 Topps Set Card 236/660 – #614 – Rookie Pitchers With Kucke, Miller, Ruhle, Siebert

Progress: 236/660

Player Name:  Jack Kucek, Dyar Miller, Vern Ruhle, Paul Siebert

Card Number:  614

Team:  Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros

Position:  Pitchers

Image Style:  Posed Portrait

How these players fared in 1975:

Kucek – Kucek pitched in just 2 games in 1975.  He threw for 3 innings allowing 9 hits and 2 runs while striking out 2 and walking 4.

Miller – Miller made 30 appearances during his rookie season while putting together a record of 6-3 with 8 saves.  He had an ERA of 2.72 and struck out 33 batters in 46 innings of work.

Ruhle – Ruhle made 31 starts for the Tigers in ’75. He capped the season with a 11-12 record and 190 innings pitched.  In those 190 innings, Ruhle allowed 199 hits and 104 runs.  He struck out 67 batters in that time while allowing 65 walks.

Siebert – Siebert made 7 appearances for the Astros in 1975.  He went 0-2 on the year as he faced just 77 batters.  In 18 innings of work, Siebert gave up 20 hits and 7 runs en route to an ERA of 2.95.


1992 HEADLINE: Dennis Eckersley Sets Record With 40 Saves In 4 Straight Seasons

1992 HEADLINE: Dennis Eckersley Sets Record With 40 Saves In 4 Straight Seasons

On this day in 1992, Dennis Eckersley recorded his 40th save of the 1992 baseball season.

And while there was nothing extra-special about this particular game or the circumstance of the save, ‘Eck’ made history with this closing appearance.  This save gave Eckersley 40 or more saves in four different seasons – a major league record!!

The first player to ever accomplish this feat, ‘Eck’ tallied 45 saves in 1988, 48 in 1990, 43 in 1991, and 52 in 1992.  And with 33 saves during the 1989 season, Eckersley capped that 5-year span with 221 total saves.

Truly dominant and a great competitor.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Eckersley!!!