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Jose Fernandez 2014 Donruss – Base

Jose Fernandez 2014 Donruss – Base

I don’t like the set and I don’t care for all of the recycled pieces of ‘other’ cards that Donruss gave us with this release.

But, the card does feature my guy, Jose Fernandez.  So, I had to grab one!!




And one is where I will stop.

Andrew McCutchen 2013 Bowman Platinum

Andrew McCutchen 2013 Bowman Platinum

I tell you what, Bowman’s product is sharp!

Need proof?

Have a look at the 2013 Bowman Platinum card of Andrew McCutchen:



I told you!

The card features a great, action-packed image that is brimming with color.  I like how Bowman allows for the image to be the main attraction while still giving us a very nice graphic element.

Welcome to ‘Design 101′ courtesy of Bowman.

Andrew McCutchen 2014 Topps – Base

Andrew McCutchen 2014 Topps – Base

When I was putting away cards the other night, I got to my Andrew McCutchen collection and realized that while I had shown off the 2014 Topps Opening Day card of ‘Cutch’ that I picked up at my local baseball card show, I never showed off the base card from the 2014 issue that I picked up prior.

So, here it is:



The card is the same as the Opening Day card that was issued a few months after.  The lone difference is that the Opening Day card has a very classic ‘Opening Day’ logo on the front as well.

I love that swing!

2014 Topps NL ERA League Leaders Card w/Fernandez, Kershaw, and Harvey – GOLD Border Version

2014 Topps NL ERA League Leaders Card w/Fernandez, Kershaw, and Harvey – GOLD Border Version

Yes, it is another parallel of the 2013 NL ERA League Leaders for my Jose Fernandez collection.

This time around it is the Gold version of the card.  The Gold versions are serial numbered to just 2,104 copies and mine is 1525/2014.

Have a look:



I don’t know about you, but something tells me that Jose Fernandez will be sporting some Gold very soon.

It’s nice to see him set next to Clayton Kershaw on this card as Kershaw will more than likely be his competition for the ERA and Strikeout titles in 2014 and beyond.

Andrew McCutchen 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter

Andrew McCutchen 2011 Topps Allen & Ginter

Another Allen & Ginter card for my Andrew McCutchen collection – YES!



This one comes from the 2011 A&G issue and it looks great.

I have to say that of all of the Ginter cards that I have picked up of modern players, it is the Andrew McCutchen cards that look the best.  Between the old-schools Pirates’ logo used on the cards and the vintage look that Cutch’s uniform has, these cards look great.

I’m eager to see how his 2014 issue looks.  Just a few months away…

A Special Shipment Headed To Hall OF Famer, Fergie Jenkins!!!!

A Special Shipment Headed To Hall OF Famer,  Fergie Jenkins!!!!

On the way in to work this morning, I made a quick stop at my local USPS building so I could drop a very special package in the mail.

One of my collecting goals for 2014 is to add some bulk to my ‘Ultimate Jenkins’ collection.  So, I am taking a few steps towards making that happen.

This very special package is headed to Mr. Jenkins this morning!!!

mystery box

As soon as it is returned back to me, I will unveil the goodies inside!!

Jose Fernandez 2014 Topps Heritage ‘New Age Performers’

Jose Fernandez 2014 Topps Heritage ‘New Age Performers’

I scooped up the short print of Jose Fernandez from the 2014 Topps Heritage release the other day and once that purchase was finalized, I immediately sought out the other cards of him from the set.

And some of them carry a pretty hefty price tag.

So, while I may not be adding the Bazooka mini anytime soon, I was able to grab this ‘New Age Performers’ card for less than a buck.

Have a look:



Up next, Chromes and Colored Parallels.  I hope!

Happy Birthday Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter!!!

Happy Birthday Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter!!!

Today we celebrate the birthday of Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter.

Hunter’s Hall of Fame resume includes a 224-166 record.  Catfish pitched for 15 seasons in the big leagues and was an 8-time All-Star.  He won the Cy Young award in 1974 when he went 25-12 with a 2.49 ERA.  Catfish won 5 World Series rings – 3 with the Oakland A’s and 2 with the New York Yankees.

Happy Birthday ‘Catfish’!!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – 2-Card Lot Of 2013 Topps Opening Day With Pedroia & McCutchen

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – 2-Card Lot Of 2013 Topps Opening Day With Pedroia & McCutchen

My final purchase from this same seller came from the 2013 Topps Opening Day set.

I knew that I was missing a few cards from this release for my player collections, and I was able to grab two of them.  And for just twenty-five cents each.

I pulled the cards of Andrew McCutchen and Dustin Pedroia.

Have a look:



I’m happy with these buys as it really allowed for me to add some depth to my player collections.

I especially like that I was able to grab so many cards from the Opening Day issues as these are not as commonly found at cheap prices online.


Baseball Card Show Purchase #4 – Andrew McCutchen 2014 Topps Heritage

Baseball Card Show Purchase #4 – Andrew McCutchen 2014 Topps Heritage

Sticking with the same seller, I dug into his section of cards that were tagged as ’2014 Topps Heritage’.

And while the number of cards in this section was grand, I did not have as much luck pulling singles for my collection.

As a matter of fact, I pulled just one.

Yep, One.

So. I might as well make that one a card of one of the best all-around players in the game, right?  A supreme defender.  A great baserunner.  A home run threat.  A talented contact guy.

I give you your reigning NL MVP, Andrew McCutchen!




I really like this card.  And yes, some of it has to do with that sweet Pirates patch on his sleeve.