Ultimate Dawson

Andre Dawson is my favorite baseball player of all-time.  I have been cheering for him since I was seven years old, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

In August of 2012, Beckett Sports Card Monthly recognized my ‘Ultimate Dawson’ collection in their monthly issue and tagged me as a ‘Super Collector’.

Here is that article:

On 6/29/2013, I had the great opportunity to watch a Miami Marlins baseball game as the guest of Andre Dawson.  You can read the full story and check out the pictures here – http://bapple2286.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/my-andre-dawson-vip-experience-a-must-read-see/

This is ‘Ultimate Dawson’

Expos Jersey



Cubs Jersey

Game-Used Batting Glove – Montreal

Mini Helmets

Full Size Bat – Wood Grain

Full Size Bat – Black

Mini Bat – Black

Signed Baseballs

Dawson HR Derby Ball


Dawson Silver Slugger Ball

Dawson 400300 Ball



Signed 16×20 Photos

Signed 11×14 Photos

Signed 8×10 Photos





Commemorative Hall of Fame Plaque

Autographed Hall of Fame Postcard

Autographed Hall of Fame Yearbook

Autographed Retirement Night Program

Autographed Sports Illustrated Covers

Autographed 1987 MVP Commemorative Silk Cachet

Autographed Baseball Cards – ‘The Inscription Set’

Certified Autographed Baseball Cards

In Person & Through The Mail Autographs

Game-Used / Relic Card Collection

1978 RC Cola Collector’s Can

Starting Lineup Figurines





Colla Custom Postcard Set

1988 & 1989 Topps Baseball Card School Folders

MVP Collector’s Pin & Card Set

Sealed Pack Collection

Dawson Pack Collection

Ticket from debut game – September 11, 1976

Ticket from 300 Home Run Game – April 23, 1989

2012 Commemorative Chicago Cubs Season Tickets


2013 Commemorative Chicago Cubs Season Tickets


2013 Topps Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field & Season Ticket Holder Giveaways Cards

img446 img447

Great stuff, huh?

I’m just getting started!!!  :)

30 responses to “Ultimate Dawson

  1. I cant even comment……. OK I’ll give you this – Incredible!
    I don’t know what else to say.

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  3. Whats next?

  4. Have you sent any bio of yourself/your Andre Collection to Beckett Readers Rock? I think they were doing some special feature on them for a magazine but it’s a regularly occurring feature in Beckett. Great Collection!

  5. Wow!! Absolutely amazing!

  6. Definitely a treasure trove of Dawsons!

  7. That is a truly amazing collection!!!

  8. All I can say is wow…or maybe a little compulsive about the Hawk.

  9. very nice colection of the hawkif u need something from montreal fans like foods cards or expos magazine let me know

  10. I got a card signed by Dawson who did a private signing from a reputable autograph dealer. His signature looks a little different from the stuff you show on your site. A little different but similar. It’s his autograph, none the less.

  11. Dennis L. Puckett

    I would like to buy your 1200 Dawson cards. What do you want, be reasonable.


  12. I am extremely jealous! I felt pretty proud of my several hunderd Dawson cards, 8 x 10 autograph, and ball card. I have a puzzle which I see that you don’t have!! So there! haha You have it made because you are down in Florida where he lives. Super jealous!

  13. Congrats! Those signed bats and balls are really nice

  14. Ellen E Block

    What a great collection! I have two autographed balls. 2 autographed pictures and a few hundred cards.

  15. Great collection! I ran across an Andre Dawson card in my collection. I briefly looked at your collection and didn’t see this one, I have. I was quite surprised. However it could be hiding somewhere in all those cards!!

  16. Really nice collection man, I am beyond impressed.

  17. You have one impressive Dawson Collection. Great player and great attitude toward the game, other players and his fans!

    btw, I was playing with photoshop and whipped this up:

    Let me know what you think, Enjoy!

  18. Wow, I have a kindred spirit! I started collecting Andre in ’91 when my best friend (who was a Cubs fan) came over to my house to watch a game. My mom happened to be watching and said “Oh, I went to high school with him,” and I was hooked. (Turns out my aunt was friends w/ his wife, as well).

    I imagine our collections prior to around 2000 are pretty similar; after that, I just couldn’t keep up w/ all of the certified autos, tribute cards and such. Haven’t really tried getting much HOF merch, either.

    Do you have an individual listing database of your collection I could cross-reference? Curious to see if there are any older odd balls from Canada or Chicago I’m missing.

    Props on some of your unique items like the batting glove, and ticket stubs.

  19. I have that green Starting Lineup card loose if you want it…

  20. The items I have in my Andre Dawson collection are (1) a book entitled “Andre Dawson” by Andre Dawson & Tom Bird – Zondervan Publishing; (2) an autographed 4 x 6 photo of Dawson crying at his jersey retirement ceremony in Montreal, and (3) an autographed 1987 Topps Commemorative All-Star game baseball card #18 of 22., (I obtained the autographs at spring training in Jupiter.)

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