My first jersey card leaves me disappointed…

I purchased my first ‘modern-era’ card and went after a game-used jersey card as I find them extremely appealing.  Hell, it only cost $2 and is of one of may favorite pitchers of all time, Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins.  For $2, I got a piece of Cubs history as well as a piece of memorabilia from possibly the best Cub pitcher ever.  I was extremely excited to get this card, and when it arrived I was a little more than thrilled.

Check it out:

This card has everything a Jenkins fan could ask for.  A beautiful black and white portrait, a symbol representing Wrigley Field with the title ‘Wrigley Field, Home of Cubs Greats’.  It also includes the years that Fergie pitched for the Cubs, 1966-1973, and lastly a perfect square piece of a jersey he wore for the Cubs in his home, white uniform.  The only thing that could be better would be to have a Royal Blue pinstripe on the jersey but beggars cannot be choosers…

Since this is the first time I have actually held a game-used jersey card I wanted to take everything in and quickly turned it over to see what kind of cool Fergie Jenkins info would be on the back.  Again, I was pleasantly surprised to find a certificate of authenticity as well as more Cub’s team logos and colors.

That was until I read this – “On the front of this card is an authentic piece of a jersey worn by Fergie Jenkins in an official Red Sox MLB game.”

WHAT???  Quickly I turned the card over confirming it had the Cub’s logo on the front and that I didn’t mess up and buy a Jenkin’s Red Sox jersey card.  Nope, I was right.  On the front it has the correct team logo, and Cubs colors.  Let me check the back again….  Shit!  What the hell is this?  I mean, I know that he played for Boston, but why on earth would they give me a piece of a Red Sox jersey on a card that is SCREAMING Cubs???

Needless to say I am more than a little disappointed.  Again, I only paid $2 for this but I want what was advertised.  Would you want a Karl MALONE jersey card with a Lakers piece of jersey?  NO.  Or how about a PETE ROSE card with a nice piece of jersey from his playing days with the Expos?  NO.  You want what you want, and what I really wanted was a piece of Cubs jersey from this Cubs legend!!!

Has this ever happened to you?  Is this normal practice?  Can someone help me with this?  If I was to buy another one of these am I going to get the same thing or do they vary?  HELP!!!  SOS!!!

8 responses to “My first jersey card leaves me disappointed…

  1. While it is a somewhat poor practice by the companies, it does happen more often that you’d think. They have to use what they have on hand and sometimes the team logo doesn’t match up with the team the swatch came from. This is also easy to correct but the companies figure that no one will take the time to really complain to them about it so they don’t worry too much.

  2. Yep they got me – Reggie Jackson – front said A’s – back said Angels. Ebay Auction about $7 including shipping. Score one for experience. Yes dissappointed a little but still it’s a jersey card of a pretty Big name HOF. It really sucks that this happened on your first GU purchase though. I have gotten a couple dozen GU off ebay and Reggie is my only bad experience.

  3. I’d like to add a few of the Billy Williams game used cards to my collection, but I am a lot more tentative now. If I got a jersey card from an A’s uniform I would be pissed!! The odds are in my favor that it shouldn’t happen again so I will keep trying.

  4. You should be happy that it even said what team it was from. Most recent jersey cards do not even tell you what team or season they’re from. I quote from this year’s Triple Threads:
    “The relics contained on this card are not from any specific, game, event or season.”

    Yeah, that’s real comforting!

  5. I am not familiar with the Triple Threads product. Are they advertised as ‘game used’? If so, my faith in this gimic is fading rapidly.

  6. Yeah, they are game-used. Above the line that I quoted it says that the relic is “authentic” and “game used”. But you don’t know what game it’s from, or what season, and if the player has played for multiple teams, it could be from another team’s uniform. It could also be from the minor leagues or spring training for all we know. I like it better when I have some information about when it was actually used.

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