The Dodgers mean business…

Obtaining Greg Maddux does not assure you a future of playoff games and championship rings.  But, with the acquisitions of Manny Ramirez and the report that Loas Angeles has also obtained the rights to Greg Maddux is something that Dodgers fans should be excited about.  The organization is making moves that could help them take the lead in the NL West and assist them greatly should they make the playoffs.

With Maddux you are getting a starting pitcher that has 30 post season starts under his belt including 5 starts in the World Series.  Although his recent stats are nothing compared to what they were like when he was taking to the Braves to pennant after pennant, Maddux can give you 5-6 quality innings of work while allowing very few, if any, runs.


In Ramirez, the Dodgers got someone with 353 post season at bats, with 77 of them being in the World Series.  He has 95 hits in 95 career post season games, while also totalling 64 RBI’s.  On the field Manny is one of the best offensive players from the last 15 years and automatically makes your team more confident in the post season due to his enormous success.

Make no mistake about it, the Los Angeles Dodgers are for real!!!  And I am a little jealous….

2 responses to “The Dodgers mean business…

  1. Joe Torre has done an outstanding job so far. I didnt think he would succeed. Let’s face it the Dodgers do not possess a Yankee line up or payroll. L.A. has singned some real good talent and I do believe Manny might just win another World Series soon, here in the N.L. I’m anxious to see Maddux return and I hope he performs well. The Dodgers are probably the most interesting team in the N.L. right now. Did I forget to mention GO CARDINALS!!!

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