Results: Ugliest Card from the 1980’s

OK, so here we are a week later.  If you don’t remember, I was letting the readers choose what they consider to be the ugliest card issued during the 1980’s.  If you want to see the original post, click here.

I would like to thank the readers that submitted their votes to me, and it looks like a majority went with the 1983 Fleer card as the worst designed card issued during the 1980’s.

I have to agree, this is a pretty ugly card.  The border color is terrible and the only significance it has is that it looks like poop, just like the card. 

Check out the border color for this card…

And the close-up photography is pretty grainy.  Even if this picture was taken in the early 80’s, they could have used a more clear shot…

And even the action photography leaves a lot to be desired.  Show me the bat.  Don’t cut off the player’s leg.  Let me see more of what is going on…

So, yes I absolutely agree with the voters on this one.  The 1983 Fleer product was the ‘Ugliest Card from the 1980’s’.

Stay tuned as we turn this around and vote on the ‘Best Looking Card from the 1980’s’.

2 responses to “Results: Ugliest Card from the 1980’s

  1. The 83 Fleer reminds me of the 85 Fleer a little bit. I’m guessing people will choose the 1987 Fleer for the best looking card. I’ll wait for your post before I vote. The picks should be interesting…

  2. I guess I misunderstood the poll. I thought you were asking which of the individual cards you posted was the ugliest. That’s why I chose the 1983 Fleer Dave Righetti. But I love the 1983 Fleer set as a whole. Since it’s now apparent that you were asking what set was the ugliest, my vote definitely goes to 1982 Fleer.

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