Hunting for Autographs…

If you saw the blog I posted last night you saw that I bought 9 cards at a local card shop.  You can read that post again here if you want to catch up. 

When you saw the scan of the cards I purchased you may have been a little puzzled as to why I would purchase such a diverse group of players.  These guys share little in common.  There is no player theme to be found.  There is no team theme to be found.

On the contrary my friends…  First off, all of these guys starred for their teams in the 80’s.  But the main thing that these 9 former players have in common is that each of them is affiliated with a MLB team today in some way or another.  Some are hitting coaches, bench managers, broadcasters, or special assistants. 

What I want to do is go back to trying something I was successful with 15+ years ago.  I am going to mail these former stars a letter asking for an autograph.  I’ll enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope too so they can just sign the card and return it to me.  Hopefully this works out well and I will update you as soon as the mail starts flowing back in my direction.

Everything will be out in the mail tomorrow.  I did this in kid of a rush as I wanted these to get to these former players before the season was over just in case any of them take their mail home during the off-season.

A special ‘Thank You’ goes out to Dinged Corners as their blog provides you with almost all of the info you would need to take on something like this.


8 responses to “Hunting for Autographs…

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  2. Glad you found something TTM-useful at Dinged Corners–we’re going to add to and upgrade that information in the next few days. Also make it easier to find. We really enjoy your blog photos…and that’s a great masthead.

  3. Good luck – I hope that none of them sign with an autopen machine!

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