5. That is my Final Answer….

…Well, at least for now it is.

Ok, I have been back into the baseball card collecting game for a little less than 1 month now.  After having been away from the hobby for 15+ years it took me some time to figure out where I wanted to focus my attention.  Although this is sure to change, I have settled on collecting specific players to start with.  I can’t say that I won’t bend the rules if something sparks my interest outside of these players.  But, my main concentration will be on them for a while.  I am also going to primarily stick with cards issued during the 1980’s and prior. 

So here we go.  These are the guys i will build collections of.  I have added ‘Categories’ for these players on my page so you can watch my collections of them grow…

1.  Billy Williams

2.  Fergie Jenkins

3.  Rickey Henderson

4.  Andre Dawson

5.  Dave Winfield

And there you have it.  5 guys that mean a lot to me and have meant a lot to the game of baseball.  I am eager to really put some energy into this.  I think that it will be a wonderful way to remember what some of these guys have accomplished over their careers.


2 responses to “5. That is my Final Answer….

  1. Did you send a card to Andre Dawson? He has a great signature, one of our daughter’s favorites. (Email if you need the address.)

  2. Yes I did. Dawson and Grace were the 2 I had to send out. I am hoping that I get these back quickly.

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