Again With the Game Used Memorabilia Card…

So, by now you should know my story about being screwed when I bought my first Game Used Jersey Card.  If not, take a minute to read about my Fergie Jenkins Game Used jersey card.

But, I couldn’t resist trying this again.  With some of the feedback I got as well as doing a little on-line research I wanted to give it another shot as I find these cards very appealing and didn’t want one experience to ruin my feelings for the entire gimmick.

Check this out:

Pretty sweet huh?  I am a big Dave Winfield fan and when I saw this on Ebay for only $2.50 I figured the risk was worth the reward. 

Then I got it in the mail…  I was so eager to read on the back of the card that this piece of bat was taken from a bat used by Winfield during a Yankee game.  But again I have been fooled. “You have received a Dave Winfield game-used baseball card.  On the front of this card is a piece of memorabilia that has been certified to us as having been used in an official Major League Baseball game.  We hope you enjoy this piece of MLB history, as we continue to keep you as close to the game as you can get.”

Talk about an impersonal message.  Jeez, 1 once knew someone that dated someone that was the babysitter for your uncle.  I mean come on, this is ridiculous.  These cards are being peddled around as a piece of the game that the fan can own at a reasonable price.  But, truth be told, nobody knows where this piece of wood came from and there is no way that there could be any proof that Dave Winfield ever came within 100 miles of it.

That’s it.  I am officically done with all Game Used memorabilia cards!!!  100% DONE!!!  Am I expecting more than what I believe these cards are supposed to deliver?


3 responses to “Again With the Game Used Memorabilia Card…

  1. Yes, unfortunately you are. What you read on the back of that card is what most gu cards say on them. That’s why it was only $2.50. There may be a very small minority of cards that say what game they are from, etc., but what you’re getting is pretty standard. That is a big reason why bat cards don’t really hold any value, and most collectors don’t care for them. Jersey cards on the other hand, I very much enjoy. However, if you look at my collection, you’ll notice that most of the Dawson jersey cards I have contain a blue pinstripe. There are a lot more cards that I have passed up because they had a plain white piece that could have come from anywhere. I personally believe that the swatches with the blue stripe could only have come from a Cubs jersey. I could be wrong, but that makes my collection more enjoyable for me.

    I also think that part of it is, you’re buying the wrong brands. 90% of my game used cards are either Donruss, Leaf, or Playoff. They seem to do the best job of putting the correct team affiliation with the correct jersey piece. That is why they made Dawson cards with him pictured in his Cubs uni, and his Expos gear. The Expos cards are less collectible, but at least they were honest about what they were selling you.

    If you want to build a game used collection that you enjoy, then take some time and look around. Be more selective about which cards you buy, and if you don’t like the way the card looks, then don’t buy it just because it’s cheap.

    Or….just skip the gu all together and buy auto cards instead. There are a lot of Dawson, Henderson, and Winfield autos you can pick up for very reasonable prices. I just got a Dawson #’d to 100 in the mail yesterday that I paid $4 for.

    If you want to garner some enjoyment from this hobby, just take your time and be selective about what you buy, and who you buy it from.

  2. I dont believe that a piece of jersey or baseball bat once used by a MLB Player was saved and inserted into any baseball card. I’m not happy with today’s baseball cards (personally) that’s mainly why I stick with the old stuff. With this said you didn’t go wrong buying another Dave Winfield for your collection.

  3. Thanks for the input Charlie. Based on your extensive Dawson collection, I consider you to be an expert on these cards. I guess my expectations were just too high for what I was paying. I’m going to use the info you provided to try to get some Billy Williams cards.

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