Whatever Happened to Dale Murphy?

Dale Murphy was one of the most successful players in major league baseball during the 80’s.  His ability to hit for average while tallying home runs and RBI’s was rare for a player of that era.  Never regarded as a power hitter, Murphy surprised the baseball world by leading the league twice and finishing second three times in home runs during the 1980’s.

A consummate professional, Murphy was thought to be the perfect teammate.  Always willing to do what it took to help his team earn a victory was Murphy’s goal.  During the 1980’s Murphy won the MVP award 2 times and was a 7 time All-Star and 5 time Gold Glove winner. 

Known around the league as one of baseball’s most religious players, Murphy never let temptations get the better of him.  His beliefs did not allow for alcohol to be consumed or for him to appear on camera while not fully dressed.  If a player like this were to be playing the big leagues today, he would surely be the laughing stock of his teammates and peers.  But, for Murphy it was his way of life and he did a very commendable job sticking to his beliefs.

Today, Murphy works with several charities and also spends time helping prospective athletes achieve their goals.  Dale Murphy has been a very vocal player in the fight against steroids as well as other performance enhancing drugs and has even started his own non-profit organization to help kids to stay clean.

To support Dale Murphy and his pledge to keep kids away from steroids, check out Iwontcheat.com.


8 responses to “Whatever Happened to Dale Murphy?

  1. He’s underated in my book. Hopefully the Atlanta fans still appreciate him like I still do. I used an autographed Rawings Dale Murphy baseball glove the last few years I played. If it wasn’t for that sweet glove I wouldn’t of been the defensive gem I was. Too bad I couldn’t hit worth a darn!

  2. Murph is definitely appreciated here in Atlanta. There’s more than a few people miffed that he’s not in the Hall of Fame yet. He comes back to Atlanta occasionally for events with the Braves and it’s usually big news.

  3. He did a signing not too long ago in Ft. Lauderdale!

  4. I Sure do Miss The days Of Dale Murphy! He was as outstanding off the field as he was on it. I Am Putting togethor a collection of Autographed Baseball Cards For My 2 young sons and would Love to Have Mr. Murphy sign a card for each of them…Not only because he was a gret Player, But also a great role Model for Young athletes Like My kids. Does anyone Know of an address where I can reach Mr. Murphy for autographs Through the mail??? Thanks To anyone who can help me here, and most of all, Thanks to Dale for all That You Stand For!!!

  5. Interesting comments about The Mighty Dale Murphy, who was a great player and person. But, let’s face facts on one point overlooked….why did he, all the sudden, lose hitting ability at about age 32? He should have had several good years left. It’s a great mystery.

  6. Nice posts on The Might Dale Murphy — who was a great person and player. But, one key point is overlooked – why did he completely lose his hitting ability at such a young age (about 32)? It’s a real mystery.

  7. I had a lot of FUN watching “MURPH” and the Braves play Great Baseball. Mr.Dale Murphy I miss You and the old Atalanta Braves VERY MUCH. Dale I think you are a Humble man and a man of great Character. The year that the Braves won their First 13 games I watched every game. For me to watch the Braves that year was one of the BEST times I had watching baseball. When we get to Heaven if their is a Hall Of Fame or a Baseball Game to be played then Mr. Dale Murphy will be there for sure.Thank You Dale Murphy for playing GREAT baseball and for being a GREAT man, on and off the field. Dale you wore #3 but for me you will always be NUMBER ONE.

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