Chipper Jones May Be The Best 3rd Baseman EVER!!!

I am serious about this.  No disrespect meant to Hall of Famers Brooks Robinson or Mike Schmidt, but Chipper Jones is a MONSTER!!!

At the age of 36, and if he can stay healthy and play 3-4 more seasons, Chipper Jones could go down as the best 3rd baseman in Major League history!!

Compare the numbers:

  Robinson Schmidt Jones
Average 0.267 0.267 0.310
Hits 2848 2234 2258
Home Runs 268 548 406
RBI 1357 1595 1366
MVP 1 3 1
All-Star 15(straight) 12 6
Gold Glove 16(straight) 10 0
Playoff Seasons 6 6 11
World Series Rings 2 1 1



OK, first the pro’s for this argument:

Jones has a lifetime average of .310 which is 40+ points higher than either Robinson or Schmidt.  Chipper already has more career hits than Schmidt and is roughly 600 behind Brooks.  Brooks will most likely remain at the top of the hits list with Jones being a close 2nd.  Chipper has crushed more home runs than Robinson, and could get close to 500 if he can play for 4 more years, but Schmidt will undoubtedly keep that title.  Jones has passed Brooks for the RBI lead and will likely overtake Schmidt within 2 years.  Each player has earned MVP honors, with Schmidt being the only one to win it multiple times.  Chipper Jones has played in the postseason 11 times in his career.  Both Robinson and Schmidt have only played in the post season 6 times a piece.  Each player has won the World Series, with Robinson being the only player to have won it twice.

OK, now the con’s for this argument:

Chipper Jones has been an All-Star just 6 times.  Both Robinson and Schmidt have at least twice as many appearances in the All-Star game.  Brooks Robinson has won an amazing 16 Gold Gloves for his unbelievable defensive play.  Schmidt has won 10 Gold Gloves, and Chipper has won 0. 

To me it is clear that of the 3 of these players, Chipper Jones is the most complete offensive player.  With a few more seasons left to go in his career he will only add to an extremely impressive batting resume.  Defensively, there is no comparison as Jones is not of the same talent level as Robinson or Schmidt.  So if offense and defense even things out, what you are left with is individual awards and team success.  All of these guys are former MVP’s, but Chipper’s Atlanta Braves team is by far the best team that these guys played on.  Making the postseason in 11 of 15 years is extraordinary and while Robinson may have 1 more World Series ring than Chipper, one must also consider the parity around the league as these guys played in 3 different eras.

So, you tell me…  Am I way off base saying that Chipper Jones not only belongs in the conversation about the best 3rd baseman in baseball’s history but that when his career is over he could also end up in the #1 spot too??

13 responses to “Chipper Jones May Be The Best 3rd Baseman EVER!!!

  1. But the majority of yellow boxed items aren’t in his column. Not to knock on Chipper, he is amazing.

  2. Agreed, but Chipper is also still playing and could make this a real arguement if he is able to play for another 3-4 seasons.

  3. Full disclosure- Grew up in Philly. Chipper is Good but always great MVP talent around him but Schmidt never did for his entire career Minus the few late years in the 70’s and the 80′ WS team. And Defense does count.

  4. I like all three players and I cannot argue that Jones just might be the best. Two other great third baseman I include to be absolutely great are Alex Rodriguez and Ken Boyer. Chipper’s numbers will be amazing at the end of his career.

  5. This is not contest, Chipper is a great player but no gold gloves equals no contest. As for the 11 post season argument…if Schmidt had the likes of Glavine, Smoltz and Maddux (Three Hall of Fame pictures) on his roster, how many playoffs could he have been in. Schmidt all the way.

  6. I would go gay for Chipper and he is not the best third baseman ever. Chipper + Robinson = Michael Jack Schmidt. Chipper is, however, the best switch hitting third baseman ever.

  7. You are high off your ass you biased asshole, look at your own stats have you ever watched brooks robinson. im guessing no known has the human vacuum cleaner if any player hit it between 3rd and second they walked right to the bench. 16 straight gold gloves Brooks was a average hitter not known for his ab but gor his glove chipper has nothing on brooks robinson not saying chippers bat crushes brooks which it does but by comparison for the tech of gloves in the sixties brooks glove was superhuman. DONT EVER RIGHT A COLUMN LIKE THIS AGAIN.

  8. Wow Matt- I certainly appreciate your honesty, but you kind of backed up my point as well. I fully agree that Chipper and Brooks Robinson are a comparison of night and day when it comes to defense. But my point in this post was to ask if Chipper’s dominant offensive stats equal Robinson’s defensive ones. Again, I appreciate your honesty but if you check my other posts out, I am not a Chipper Jones fan, I simply respect his game and like I do in many posts I try to compare stars of the last 20-30 years to baseball’s heroes from the prior generation.

    Keep Reading… and thanks!!

  9. Batting Average? What about Adjusted OPS+? Schmidt is easily the best 3B of all time. Jones could get to #2 if he has 2-3 more good years, right now he is still behind Mathews and Brett. And please stop using raw stats and useless ones like BA

  10. btw to all the Brooks uber alles crowd. you remind me of the romantics that think Koufax or Ryan is the best pitcher of all time.

    3B gets on average 6% of the fielded batted balls. That makes it more important then 1B, P, LF, RF, and less important – by far – then CF, SS, 2B, C. Therefore hitting is much more important then fieldin. Brooks is #8 on my list of 3B. And I saw a lot of Brooks from ’66 onward. And I saw every game on TV of him in the WS from ’66 onward. Great player. Deserves the HOF, just not in the top bracket.

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  13. I think Chipper is right up there with: Brooks Robinson, Mike Scmidt, Scott Rolen & Kenny Boyer… I probably left out a few other great third-baseman. Helluva argument youve ensued!

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