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Better Career: Roger Clemens or Greg Maddux

Let’s forget all of the stuff not relating to baseball.  Forget steroids.  Forget ego.  Forget dating 15-year old girls when you’re in your twenties.  Forget throwing bats at Mike Piazza.  Let’s get down and dirty and talk baseball!!

The debate about which pitcher has had the best career between Roger Clemens and Greg Maddux may not ever be as timely to have as right now.

Both these men and furture 1st ballot Hall of Famers have the same number of career pitching wins as of today, at 354.

Let’s look at their other stats:

  Clemens Maddux
Wins 354 354
Complete Games 118 109
Shoutouts 46 35
Strikeouts 4672 3361
ERA 3.12 3.15
Cy Young 7 4
Gold Glove 0 17
All-Star 11 8
MVP 1 0
Post Seasons 11 12
World Championships 2 1

With so many categories with very similar numbers, the argument could be debated and supported for either guy. 

But, if you have to choose 1 guy.  The career you would say is the better accomplishment would belong to????  Clemens’ numbers indicate that he was more of the power pitcher of this duo as his strikeouts are 1300+ more than Maddux.  But Maddux is a 17-time Gold Glove player basically winning the award 90+% of the years he has played in the majors.  The other categories are too close to call.

I love Greg Maddux, and I always have.  But, my pick goes to Clemens.  As a pitcher, he is one of the only guys from the 80’s and 90’s that struck fear in batters on a regular basis.

So, who do you take.  If you had to have one of these guys on your team for their full career and these are the numbers they would put up for you, which one are you going to take???

Results: Best Card Design From the 1980’s

The results are in and it’s by a pretty overwhelming margin that the 1983 Topps product had the most votes as the ‘Top Card Design from the 1980’s’.  I totally agree with the readers on this one.  Topps stood alone in the early 80’s as both Fleer and Donruss struggled to match Topps’ quality. 

Topps’ 1983 card won for these reasons:

1.  I cannot tell you how much matching the team colors to the design of the card really makes the final product stand out.  In comparison to the 1981 and 1982 issues, the 1983 product with matching colors looks perfect.

2.  The crisp photography is a big upgrade from previous years as well as the competition.

3.  The inset cameo seals the deal.  Adding another image on the front is exceptional.  Having a large action photo and then a smaller close-up image was the way to go with this product.

Stay tuned as we turn to the 1970’s next.  With Topps being the only big name brand, I’ll have the readers choose their best and worst designs from the 70’s.

1 Month of ’30 Year Old Cardboard’

Well, it’s official.  This little blog turns 1 month old today!!!

With 90 posts, and over 3,000 hits I am happy to watch this blog evolve and grow.

I have to say that I am really enjoying this so far.  The world of baseball and and baseball card collecting along with it’s devoted fans are wonderful and I am enjoying sharing my opinions and learning more and more about the sport from others that share that same passion.

Who would have thought that my most viewed blog to date would be about the 600 fans that attended the Marlins/Braves game a week ago?  Luckily there have also been some very positive topics and I look forward to more of the same in the immediate and not so immediate future.

Thanks to all of the readers and fellow bloggers that have helped make this a wonderful experience for me.  I hope that I have entertained and possibly educated you about a sport and hobby that I love.