Daily Archives: September 16, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday Orel Hershiser!!

It is amazing to think that today Orel Hershiser is 50 years old!!!  It makes me feel older just thinking about it…

Hershiser will be remembered most for his outstanding 1988 season.  With 23 wins, 15 complete games, a Gold Glove award, he was also the unanimous choice for the Cy Young award.  Orel led the Los Angeles Dodgers into the playoffs that season as well.  In the National League championship series, Hershiser pitched in 4 of the 7 games and earned the NLCS MVP award.  In the World Series against the heavily favored Oakland Athletics, Hershiser again dominated 2 games and won the World Series MVP award.

His most notable accomplishment may be the 59 straight innings pitched without giving up a single run.  This record still stands today and should remain in tact for quite some time.

Happy Birthday Orel Hershiser!!!

Happy Anniversary Dave Winfield!!!!

On this day in 1993, you reached the 3,000th hit milestone.  A true accomplishment for one of the most well-rounded players of your era.

Your ability to hit for power and average is a rare combination and today we celebrate you!!!

A 2008 ‘Old-School’ Billy Williams Card Added…

I picked up (3) of these cards.  I wasn’t even searching for this, but found it on Ebay when I was looking for a 1969 Topps card.  Either way, I love the vintage look of the card and while my goal is to get all of the cards issued from Billy’s playing days I thought that this was a deal that I didn’t want to pass up.

So my collection now moves to 21 different cards, and 19 from Williams’ playing days.  I’m going back to my original goal as I focus my attention again on his earlier issues.

You have to admit though, this kind of counts as a vintage card too…  Doesn’t it???

Barry Larkin Was In My Mailbox Today!!!

I am thrilled to announce that mt first ‘Autograph Through The Mail’ has worked!!

 When I got home from work today, A very familiar envelope was waiting for me on my kitchen counter.  I eagerly tore it open and out popped my 1989 Donruss baseball card signed by Barry Larkin.  

This Cincinnati Reds legend and former National League MVP signed and returned my card in 18 days!!!

Thanks Barry!!!

So, now I am 1/2 in my quest to obtain the autographs of some of my favorite players from the 1980’s.  Hopefully I will have many more updates as I still have quite a bit out there somewhere…