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1983 Fleer Dave Winfield

1983 Fleer Dave Winfield

Any guesses as to what Winfield is doing in this picture?  My guess is that he is holding a bat above his head and using it to stretch…

Anyone else see something different??  Fleer certainly could have tried a little harder to find a better picture of this superstar!!

Is Edgar Martinez Hall of Fame Worthy???

Some of the best debates amongst baseball fans is if a player is or is not worthy of induction into the Hall of Fame.  Sometimes it is hard to put personal feelings aside about a player, especially if he was a favorite of yours or played for your team.  But, when it’s all said and done, the player’s stats and on the field abilities are what give him the right to sit alongside baseball’s greatest players in Cooperstown.

Does someone that played 70+% of their career as a designated hitter belong in the Hall of Fame?  Does Edgar Martinez fit the bill?  Let’s see…

First, let’s get the defensive question out of the way.  Martinez did not make it to the major leagues because of his defensive ability.  Of the 2,055 total games played during his career, Martinez only took the field in a defensive role 591 times, or 29% of the time.

Now for the fun, offense:

Hits 2247
Home Runs 309
RBI 1261
Average 0.312
Runs 1219
Stolen Bases 49
Strike Outs 1202
Walks 1283
All-Star 7
Silver Slugger 5(1 as a 3rd Baseman)
Batting Titles 2

Although there are several very respectable numbers in Martinez’s resume, I have to say that nothing stands out as extraordinary.  Had Edgar eclipsed a few hitting milestones like 3,000 hits or 400 home runs the debate would be greater.  Edgar Martinez was a great hitter and excelled as a hitter over most of his 18-year career.  But is this enough to get him into the Hall of Fame?

In my opinion the answer is ‘No’.  There are several players that retired from baseball around the same time as Edgar Martinez that were more well rounded and complete players in my opinion.  Defense is an important part of the game, and although it was not Edgar’s role for more than 1,600 games during his career there are too many players that have similar or comparable offensive numbers that played good defense too that I fell are more worthy of the debate as to if they belong in the Hall of Fame.

Sorry Edgar.  I enjoyed watching you hit with your days in Seattle, but I just don’t think enough was accomplished to put you next to baseball’s elite.

1981 Topps, Fleer, and Donruss Andre Dawson

1981 Topps, Fleer, and Donruss Andre Dawson

I picked up a nice 60-card lot of Dawson cards from his days with the Expos.  Most of the cards in this lot are from 1980-1983.

The 1981 Topps card is 1 that I had been chasing for a few weeks.  I had seen a couple on Ebay but the images never looked clean to me.  The coloring of this card is a little odd, but they certainly stand out.  The green of the card’s design along with Dawson’s blue Expo’s uniform make this card really pop.

I’m excited to add both the 1981 Fleer and Donruss cards as these are Dawson’s first cards from these sets.  Of the 2, the Donruss card really stands out as the photo shows a pretty intense Andre Dawson.

Check them out…

Funny ESPN Baseball Commercial

It could have happened…

1982 Fleer, Topps, and Donruss Dave Winfield

1982 Fleer, Topps All-Star, and Donruss Dave Winfield

3 more great cards of one my favorite players.  My Winfield collection is adding up nicely, and I am starting to complete quite a few years from the 80’s.  I need to pick up a few more from the 1970’s so I can get the first few years of his cards done.

How happy does our boy Dave look in card #3 below???

1982 Donruss

1982 Donruss


1982 Fleer

1982 Fleer


1982 Topps All-Star

1982 Topps All-Star