Is Edgar Martinez Hall of Fame Worthy???

Some of the best debates amongst baseball fans is if a player is or is not worthy of induction into the Hall of Fame.  Sometimes it is hard to put personal feelings aside about a player, especially if he was a favorite of yours or played for your team.  But, when it’s all said and done, the player’s stats and on the field abilities are what give him the right to sit alongside baseball’s greatest players in Cooperstown.

Does someone that played 70+% of their career as a designated hitter belong in the Hall of Fame?  Does Edgar Martinez fit the bill?  Let’s see…

First, let’s get the defensive question out of the way.  Martinez did not make it to the major leagues because of his defensive ability.  Of the 2,055 total games played during his career, Martinez only took the field in a defensive role 591 times, or 29% of the time.

Now for the fun, offense:

Hits 2247
Home Runs 309
RBI 1261
Average 0.312
Runs 1219
Stolen Bases 49
Strike Outs 1202
Walks 1283
All-Star 7
Silver Slugger 5(1 as a 3rd Baseman)
Batting Titles 2

Although there are several very respectable numbers in Martinez’s resume, I have to say that nothing stands out as extraordinary.  Had Edgar eclipsed a few hitting milestones like 3,000 hits or 400 home runs the debate would be greater.  Edgar Martinez was a great hitter and excelled as a hitter over most of his 18-year career.  But is this enough to get him into the Hall of Fame?

In my opinion the answer is ‘No’.  There are several players that retired from baseball around the same time as Edgar Martinez that were more well rounded and complete players in my opinion.  Defense is an important part of the game, and although it was not Edgar’s role for more than 1,600 games during his career there are too many players that have similar or comparable offensive numbers that played good defense too that I fell are more worthy of the debate as to if they belong in the Hall of Fame.

Sorry Edgar.  I enjoyed watching you hit with your days in Seattle, but I just don’t think enough was accomplished to put you next to baseball’s elite.

7 responses to “Is Edgar Martinez Hall of Fame Worthy???

  1. I agree – right at the top of the non-HOF players. Had he been a distinguished fielder it may have made a difference. A World Series moment may have helped.

    I have been intermittently looking for his autos on Ebay and have been surprised that his cards have not come down to my price range.

  2. I agree as well. Not quite great.

    He belongs in the Hall of the Very, Very Good, probably alongside former Mariner Jamie Moyer.

  3. For once, you and I agree on a Hall of Fame debate 🙂

  4. Dave – It only took us 4-5 players before we finally got on board!!

  5. Good question Brian… Even though Edgar had 10 or more very solid seasons I have to go with NO on this one. I am and always will be a fan of his.

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  7. I now find myself going back & forth… Without thinking about it, Id like to see him get inducted!

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