Cast Your Vote: Best Baseball Card Design From the 1970’s

That’s right.  After crowning the worst card design from the 70’s it is only fair to review the best looking cards from the 70’s to crown a champion as well.

So take a look at what I believe are the best designs and submit your vote…

1971 Topps

1971 Topps

1977 Topps

1977 Topps

1978 Topps

1978 Topps

7 responses to “Cast Your Vote: Best Baseball Card Design From the 1970’s

  1. 1971 Topps. It’s not even a fair fight. And that Ryan card is one of my all-time favorites. Go Royal Crown Cola!

  2. This is an incredibly tough decision… The 71 card looks good b/c it’s all black, however these cars were tough to keep mint. Therfore I am kicking it out.
    I like the 77 & 78 but I’ll go with the 78 as being my favorite. Primarly b/c it is Eddie Murray’s rookie card and he is one of my favorites. Besides I like the little baseball pictured on the top right corner.

  3. Three great choices here. These are the same 3 that I would have picked as the top 3 of the 1970s.

    My vote goes to 1971 because of the innovative black border design and pictures on the back of the cards for the first time ever (and last time until one of the early 80s Fleer sets; I forget which one).

  4. While the 71 has the attractive border, it features some of the worst photography of the three. The 77 is a classic design, but the innovation of the script lettering on the 78, along with the minimal design, makes it the clear favorite.


  5. I vote for 78 just for the sweet team script, the understated design, and the large photo area.

  6. Sign me up for the 1971 – possibly my all-time favorite. I bought my first pack in 1974. The first time I saw a 71 I loved it, I thought it was from another planet.

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