What Ever Happened To Gregg Jeffries???

Not too many rookies get the attention that Gregg Jeffries received prior to and during his rookie year.  Jeffries was noted as being one of the top players of his draft class, and playing for the New York Mets certainly added quite a bit more attention and pressure.

Jeffries was drafted by the Mets in 1985 and quickly became a star as he won the Minor League Player of the Year awards in both 1986 and 1987.  His ability to hit for average, power, and his speed stood out amongst his teammates and opponents and Gregg rapidly advanced through the Mets farm system.

Although Jeffries played in only a handful of games during the 1988 season with the Mets, the team and fans were thrilled with his talents.  He became a full time player in 1989 and quickly wiped those great feelings away as he was never able to meet the expectations put on him.  After 3 full seasons with the Mets, he was traded to the Kansas City Royals in 1991.  Things didn’t work out too well for Jeffries in Kansas City either and he soon found himself playing for the St. Louis Cardinals.  He enjoyed the 2 most productive seasons of his career with the Cardinals earning 2 All-Star appearances with the team.  Soon after, injuries and decline took over as Gregg played for 3 more teams in 5 seasons and finally retired with the Detroit Tigers in 2000.

Gregg Jeffries ended his career with a respectable batting average of .289 while hitting 126 home runs.  Unfortunately for him, he never lived up to the hype he had as a phenom with the New York Mets.

Today Gregg lives with his wife and is not involved with baseball.


6 responses to “What Ever Happened To Gregg Jeffries???

  1. Jefferies had so much hype and that fall callup really fanned the flames of his potential. I didn’t realize he was doing so poorly with the Mets as I didn’t follow the national league.

  2. He was always overrated. Even when he played for the Cardinals and earned 2 All Star games. I never cared for him as a player.

  3. Gregg was just a great player! lets leave at that. Like my Grand-pa said if you cant say something nice about someone dont say it at all………..

  4. Actually, today Gregg is coaching kids in baseball in California. I was looking for some baseball training for my son, age 11. The website said lots of wonderful things about this coach, so I decided to google him and see what others said.


  5. My parents named me after gregg jeffries because he hit a homerun when i was born. 1989 for the mets. next to bat was darryl strawberry. so my name could of been darryl lol

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