1981 Fleer Dave Winfield

1981 Fleer Dave Winfield

I now have all 3 base cards from 1981 for my Dave Winfield collection.  This 1981 Fleer card reminds me of a Little League pose.  Thinking back to my playing days as a child, I remember posing just like this in the front row of my team’s picture.  The only difference is that when Winfield was 9 years old he was probably closing in on being 6 feet tall and 150 pounds while I was barely 5 feet tall and 100 pounds soaking wet!!

How many times do you think Dave Winfield got intentionally walked during Little League??  LOL!!!

You’ve got to love the ‘old-school’ Padres uniform that Dave is wearing proudly…


2 responses to “1981 Fleer Dave Winfield

  1. Gotta love that mustard look back then. 81 Fleer had some decent player poses. That was a fun year when suddenly there was three sets to collect. The future of more and more sets to choose from was just rising in our collecting futures….until we get to today where there is only one company making bubble gum cards in 2008!

    again good stuff…..

  2. Nice card, nice set. Winfield is probably 6 ft. tall on his knees. Another great player pictured on a quality card.

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