Building the ‘5-Tool Player’ Using Stars from the 1980’s

Here’s another one of my many thoughts about the ‘5-Tool Player’

This time, I thought it would be interesting to see who people would select if they were building the perfect example of a ‘5-Tool Player’ using stars from the 1980’s.

The 80’s certainly had it’s share of excellent players and many fit the mold of what you would want from a player of this caliber.  But to create the best example of a ‘5-Tool Player’ you must pick 5 players; each with that 1 skill that made them stand heads and shoulders above the rest.

Same rules as before – if you pick a player for 1 category you cannot use him again for another one.

Here is my ‘robot’ using players strictly from the 1980’s…

Hitter for Power – Mike Schmidt

Hitter for Average – Wade Boggs

Base Running Ability – Rickey Henderson

Defensive Presence – Ozzie Smith

Arm Power and Accuracy – Andre Dawson

So, let me know which 5 players from the 1980’s you would use to develop the ultimate ‘5-tool’ player.


2 responses to “Building the ‘5-Tool Player’ Using Stars from the 1980’s

  1. My only change would have been Brett for Boggs. (I can live with Boggs)
    The others are perfect. Especially Ozzie!

  2. After seeking Boggs stats I can definately live with him hitting for average. .366 is just amazing! I didn’t realize his BA was so high through out his career.

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