Hunting for Autogrpahs… 1 Month Later

It has been 1 month since I sent out 9 basbeall cards to some of the biggest baseball stars of the 1980’s in hopes of obtaining autographs.

Of the 9 players I chose, 2 have responded and 1 of the 2 was successful.  Both Alan Trammell and Barry Larkin returned my card to me quickly.  The difference being that Larkin actually singed my card while Trammell returned it unsigned.

I don’t know if 1 autograph in a month is good or not.  I also don’t know how much fan mail a guy like Don Mattingly or Andre Dawson still gets years after their playing days are over.

What I do know is that I love the Barry Larkin signed card I received and am very proud to own it.  I enjoyed watching Larkin play during his career with the Reds and appreciate him a little more now knowing that he responds quickly to his fans.

I’m asking anyone out there that has sent autograph requests through the mail…  what kind of time frame should I expect?  when do you just write it off and consider it a failure?  do certain letters appeal to these players more than others?

Let me know your thoughts.  In the meantime, I will continue to get excited as I pull up to my house hoping that my mailbox contains another card signed by one of these great players from the 1980’s.


3 responses to “Hunting for Autogrpahs… 1 Month Later

  1. I heard some cases where it takes over a year. With the Dodgers in the playoffs, Mattingly might be a little busy. I have heard that in one case, Mattingly kept the card and sent an autographed napkin from his restaurant in its place.

    Most have a turnaround in a few months. Some are never heard from again.

  2. patience…. patience… patience…. then be prepared to wait a while longer.

    They might seem to arrive sooner if you stop “looking” for them.

  3. A month really isn’t that long to wait. The bigger stars probably do still get a lot of mail

    I don’t know how many letters he gets, but Don Mattingly is not known for signing through the mail a lot. You beat the odds with Barry Larkin… he doesn’t usually sign, but sometimes the mood seems to strike him.

    Andre Dawson is pretty good about signing autographs through the mail, but he requests a donation to his foundation.

    I never really “write off” an autograph request… I’ve gotten some back years later. But Abuqwirke is right… they do seem to come back quicker when you don’t “look” for them.

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