Picking That 1 Card Design You’d Love To See Brought Back To The Hobby

We all have that 1 card that seems to always catch our eye.  It can be in the most inconspicuous of places, but it happens each and every time.  Whether you’re just browsing on Ebay, shopping at a local card shop, or going from table to table at a card show it seems to stand out amongst the rest.

For me, it’s the 1956 Jackie Robinson card.  Obviously I have never seen Jackie Robinson play but his legend speaks volumes for several reasons.  But this specific card from the 1956 set always stands out to me.  I love the design.  I love the action photo in the background with the large portrait super-imposed on top of it.  The colors that are used for a time period of primarily dull and dark cards really makes this issue stand out.  This is the first card that I ever called ‘art’ and to this day I feel that it is the best looking card I have ever seen.

So that got me to thinking…  If I could choose any 1 card design of the past to have Topps or another major baseball card company reissue with today’s players which one would it be?

For me, it is the 1956 Topps card.  And You???

4 responses to “Picking That 1 Card Design You’d Love To See Brought Back To The Hobby

  1. Good news! You want some 2005 Topps Heritage. There’s also 2001 Fleer Tradition which is sort of a bootleg version of the design. ’56 is a great design, the Aaron is one of my favorite cards.

  2. This is my all-time must-have-when-I-have-money-to-blow card.

  3. Hey I actually have a PSA 6 copy of this card! It’s one of my favorite cards in my entire collection. And like dayf said, you should check out 2005 Topps Heritage 🙂

  4. dayf – Thanks for the insight. I’m going to have to find a checklist to see who is part of that set. I may need to pick some of these up…

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