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What Ever Happened To Tino Martinez???

Tino Martinez never superstar status as a professional baseball player.  But if you ask any of his teammates, Tino was an incredible teammate.

A 2-time All-Star, Martinez was never a league leader in any of the major offensive categories.  But, what Tino Martinez did do was compete and play hard each and every game. 

With a career batting average of .271, Tino did not stand out as a prolific hitter.  But in the other major offensive categories Tino provided his team with the fuel needed to win games.  Martinez hit 339 home runs in his career, while hitting 15+ in 14 consecutive seasons.  Martinez finished his career with 1271 total RBI’s, hitting 60+ in 13 consecutive seasons.  And although Tino was not known for his speed, he did a good job on the base paths and scored 1008 runs.

Tino Martinez was also part of 4 World Series championship teams with the New York Yankees.  His best year as a player came with the Yankees in 1997 when he hit .296 with 44 home runs and 141 RBI.

Today, Tino is back with the Yankees and has been used in multiple roles.  He was brought in to assist the team’s development of their first basemen and he aslo does projects for their General Manager.

Happy Anniversary Bob Gibson!!!

On this day in 1968, you struck out 17 batters in Game 1 of the World Series against the Detroit Tigers.  This is a World Series record that still stands today.  To be on the biggest stage in baseball and dominate the way you did shows how superior you were as a pitcher and competitor.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Gibson!!!

The Montreal Expos Were Baseball’s Greatest Farm Team

As I think about future blogs and get new ideas to entertain you and myself with, I try to find images to attach to each post that directly relates to what I am writing about.  Sometimes this process is simple, and sometimes it requires a little more creativity.

One of the things that has really stood out for me in recent days has been how many really good players came out of the Montreal Expos organization.  When checking out rookie cards on Ebay, so many of the players are wearing the Montreal Expos uniform.  Sadly enough, very few players stayed in Montreal after more than a few years and now the team is extinct. 

The Expos could arguably have put together one of the most talented teams in baseball if they had been able to hang on to their players.  I thought it would be fun to create a line up of their players from the past to illustrate how incredible they could have been. 

Here is my Montreal Expos All-Star team from the 1990’s:

1st Base – Andres Galarraga.  2nd Base – Delino DeShields.  Short Stop – Mark Grudzielanek.  3rd Base – Tim Wallach.  Catcher – Gary Carter.  Outfileders – Larry Walker, Tim Raines, Moises Alou, Marquis Grissom, Cliff Floyd, and Vlad Guerrero.

Pitchers – Dennis Martinez, John Wetteland, Pedro Martinez, Ugueth Urbina, and Javier Vasquez.

So I guess my question is this – Has any other team in recent history been such a breeding ground for Major League talent the way that the Montreal Expos were in the 1990’s???  Let me know what you think.


1985 Fleer Rickey Henderson & Dave Winfield

I picked up an 18-card lot of this 1985 Fleer card.

I figured that I couldn’t go wrong as the card featured 2 of my favorite players, 1 current and 1 future Hall of Famer, and arguably 2 of the most complete baseball players from the 1980’s.

Mark McGwire & Dan Patrick ESPN commercial

People used to love to laugh along with Mark McGwire when he was the ‘poster boy’ for baseball greatness.  Now, they’re still laughing but I think it may be for a different reason…

1985 Topps Rickey Henderson All-Star

1985 Topps Rickey Henderson – All Star

I picked up this lot of 15 cards while making my rounds through Ebay’s baseball card lots page.  I already own the base card from this set so it was natural to grab these when the price was right.  I think that $1 for 15 cards was good so I scooped them up quickly!!

Another card I can check of my list for my Rickey Henderson collection…