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Mike Ditka Confirms To A Crowd Of 60,000 That He Is Full Of Hot Air!!!

 Mike Ditka confirms to a crowd if 60,000 that he is full of hot air!!!

1981 Topps Reggie Jackson – League Leader

This card commemorates the Home Run Kings for the 1980 baseball season. 

How honored do you think Ben Oglivie feels to be on the same baseball card as Reggie Jackson and Mike Schmidt???  I mean,  here are 2 of baseball’s greatest home run hitters of all time…

The best question is how many of these cards did Oglivie’s family scoop up when the card was issued by Topps in 1981??? 

I Told You That The Dodgers Were Serious…

I don’t claim to be able to see into the future.  I don’t own a crystal ball.  I don’t believe in palm reading.

However, I do feel confident in the fact that I have a strong understanding as to what it takes to make a baseball team a winner.  As the 2008 trading deadline closed, I felt that the Los Angeles Dodgers made the best moves in bolstering their roster in hopes of getting into and advancing through the playoffs.

Today’s Greg Maddux is not the Greg Maddux we grew up watching and wanting to pitch like.  He is, however, a baseball veteran that has been through more post seasons than 99.9% of the other players in the league.  There is no moment he has not seen or been a part of and that kind of locker room presence and leadership will pay off if the Dodgers get deeper into the playoffs.

Manny Ramirez has been unstoppable since moving to the West coast.  And to all of the baseball fans, media, bloggers, and others that doubted his commitment to the game and his teammates, you should give the guy some credit for helping LA turn their season into a winner.  Although no single player can do it on their own, Manny has changed the face of the Dodger’s line-up and his presence has paid off immensely.

Let’s see how and what these 2 veterans and future Hall of Fame players do to help the Dodgers inch closer to a World Series appearance…