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Baseball Card Show Purchase #9

And my final purchase from the show…  A few more cards to honor Mr. October – Reggie Jackson!!!

All of these cards were found in the 5 for $1 box.

 1984 Topps – Active American League Home Run Hitters; 1984 Topps – Active American League HIt Leaders with Rod Carew; 1985 Topps – Reggie Jackson; 1987 Donruss – Reggie Jackson; 1983 Topps – Super Veteran  

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8

These too were in that Cubs, 3 for $1 bin.  It’s too bad that this dealer didn’t have any more Billy Williams cards in there or I would have bought them as well.  Although this doesn’t get me any closer to finishing my collection of all of Williams’ cards from his playing days, I do get to add 2 really nice looking modern cards of his featuring vintage photos.

Each of these cards are marked with a serial number too. 

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7

I paid $1 for all 5 of these Ken Griffey Jr. 2nd year cards.  When I first found these, I had to do a double-take as I couldn’t believe that I could pick up Griffey’s second year cards so cheaply.

Oh well, they’re mine now and I am really excited to add them to my collection!!!

1990 Fleer – Ken Griffey, Jr.; 1990 Score – Ken Griffey Jr. 

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6

Amazingly enough in that same 3 for $1 Cubs box were all of these Fergie Jenkins cards.

Of the lot that I pulled, the 1984 Donruss card is an addition to my player collection that I needed.  The remainder are all bonus cards that I just couldn’t resist – especially for the price!!!  In this lot, there are a few serial-numbered cards too.  I have not been able to identify them all yet, but I really like the cards that feature the vintage photos with the modern technology and design of today’s cards. 

I especially like the Upper Deck card in the upper right corner of this scan… 

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5

The same guy that had a large bin of Yankees cards selling at 3 for $1 also had one labeled ‘Chicago Cubs’.  I grabbed a ton of cards out of this box.  My Mark Grace rookie card collection is stacking up very nicely.  I still need to get my hands on that Score card though…

These are the Mark Grace ROOKIE cards that I pulled:

1988 Topps Traded – Mark Grace; 1988 Fleer Updated – Mark Grace 

Baseball Card Show Purchase #4

I grabbed these cards in a 5 for $1 box.  I was really surprised to find John Smoltz ROOKIE cards in this box… I just wished that there were more in there for me to scoop up.  And I also found more of Greg Maddux’s 2nd year card. 

I was pretty shocked to find all of these, but for $1.60, I was pretty happy too!!

1989 Donruss – John Smoltz ROOKIE; 1988 Donruss Greg Maddux

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3

I pulled these League Leader cards from a 5 for $1 box.  Although none of these guys are in my current player collections, I couldn’t pass up on adding a few Hall Of Fame players to my steadily growing collection of League Leader cards.

1982 Topps – Mike Schmidt & Eddie Murray – 1981 RBI leaders; 1984 Topps – Bill Madlock & Wade Boggs – 1983 Battling leaders; 1984 Topps – Mike Schmidt & Jim Rice – 1983 Home Run leaders; 1984 Topps – Wade Boggs & Bob Ojeda – Boston Red Sox team leaders

I love the ’82 card of Schimdt & Murray!!!  The photos scream 70’s baseball to me!!! 

Baseball Card Show Purchase #2

These cards were in a large 3200 count box with a sign that read ‘Vintage Cards – 50 cents each’.  You know that I dove right in!!!  Many of the cards were in poor condition, but I was able to rescue these few gems…

1978 Topps – Joe Morgan; 1982 Topps – Rod Carew; 1982 Topps – Johnny Bench In Action; 1979 Topps – Joe Morgan 

Baseball Card Show Purchase #1

I picked up a few more Dave Winfield and Rickey Henderson cards to add to my player collections.  I found these in a 3 for $1 bin labeled ‘Yankees’.   

1984 Fleer – Dave Winfield; 1985 Donruss – Dave Winfield & Don Mattingly – Two for the Title; 1985 Topps Traded – Rickey Henderson(first Yankee card); 1989 Upper Deck – Rickey Henderson

Baseball Card Show Review

Well, what can I say???  Maybe it was the weather…  Maybe it was the fact that the Dolphins were playing at home today…  Who knows?

What I do know is that this baseball card show was far less exciting than the first one I attended.  Maybe I had planned to much.  Maybe my expectations grew since my last show a month ago when I was still undecided on what my collecting goals would be.

The number of tables at this show(which is the same location as last month’s show) was cut in half.  And unfortunately the dealer I was really hoping to visit with was the ‘6-table guy’ with all of the vintage cards.  As soon as I saw that he was not there, I put my ‘need list’ in my pocket and just decided to shop around and really check out what each guy was offering.

Thankfully I found enough ‘bargain bins’ to keep me busy.  I didn’t have my son with me this time so I was able to dig into a few more bins and really spend some time going through hundreds and hundreds of cards in hopes of finding some nice complements to my collection.

Of the 2 dealers I made purchases from, all of the cards came from 1 of 3 types of ‘bargain bins’.  It was either 5 for $1, 3 for $1, or $0.50 cents each.

I’ve got quite a bit of scanning to do tonight so I can show you some of the highlights of the purchases I made.

Oh, and no need for a picture from this show.  You could find more people at a 7-11 at 3AM…