Daily Archives: October 6, 2008

Baseball Card Show Purchase #9

And my final purchase from the show…  A few more cards to honor Mr. October – Reggie Jackson!!!

All of these cards were found in the 5 for $1 box.

 1984 Topps – Active American League Home Run Hitters; 1984 Topps – Active American League HIt Leaders with Rod Carew; 1985 Topps – Reggie Jackson; 1987 Donruss – Reggie Jackson; 1983 Topps – Super Veteran  

Baseball Card Show Purchase #8

These too were in that Cubs, 3 for $1 bin.  It’s too bad that this dealer didn’t have any more Billy Williams cards in there or I would have bought them as well.  Although this doesn’t get me any closer to finishing my collection of all of Williams’ cards from his playing days, I do get to add 2 really nice looking modern cards of his featuring vintage photos.

Each of these cards are marked with a serial number too. 

Baseball Card Show Purchase #7

I paid $1 for all 5 of these Ken Griffey Jr. 2nd year cards.  When I first found these, I had to do a double-take as I couldn’t believe that I could pick up Griffey’s second year cards so cheaply.

Oh well, they’re mine now and I am really excited to add them to my collection!!!

1990 Fleer – Ken Griffey, Jr.; 1990 Score – Ken Griffey Jr. 

Baseball Card Show Purchase #6

Amazingly enough in that same 3 for $1 Cubs box were all of these Fergie Jenkins cards.

Of the lot that I pulled, the 1984 Donruss card is an addition to my player collection that I needed.  The remainder are all bonus cards that I just couldn’t resist – especially for the price!!!  In this lot, there are a few serial-numbered cards too.  I have not been able to identify them all yet, but I really like the cards that feature the vintage photos with the modern technology and design of today’s cards. 

I especially like the Upper Deck card in the upper right corner of this scan… 

Baseball Card Show Purchase #5

The same guy that had a large bin of Yankees cards selling at 3 for $1 also had one labeled ‘Chicago Cubs’.  I grabbed a ton of cards out of this box.  My Mark Grace rookie card collection is stacking up very nicely.  I still need to get my hands on that Score card though…

These are the Mark Grace ROOKIE cards that I pulled:

1988 Topps Traded – Mark Grace; 1988 Fleer Updated – Mark Grace 

Baseball Card Show Purchase #4

I grabbed these cards in a 5 for $1 box.  I was really surprised to find John Smoltz ROOKIE cards in this box… I just wished that there were more in there for me to scoop up.  And I also found more of Greg Maddux’s 2nd year card. 

I was pretty shocked to find all of these, but for $1.60, I was pretty happy too!!

1989 Donruss – John Smoltz ROOKIE; 1988 Donruss Greg Maddux

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3

I pulled these League Leader cards from a 5 for $1 box.  Although none of these guys are in my current player collections, I couldn’t pass up on adding a few Hall Of Fame players to my steadily growing collection of League Leader cards.

1982 Topps – Mike Schmidt & Eddie Murray – 1981 RBI leaders; 1984 Topps – Bill Madlock & Wade Boggs – 1983 Battling leaders; 1984 Topps – Mike Schmidt & Jim Rice – 1983 Home Run leaders; 1984 Topps – Wade Boggs & Bob Ojeda – Boston Red Sox team leaders

I love the ’82 card of Schimdt & Murray!!!  The photos scream 70’s baseball to me!!!