Baseball Card Show Review

Well, what can I say???  Maybe it was the weather…  Maybe it was the fact that the Dolphins were playing at home today…  Who knows?

What I do know is that this baseball card show was far less exciting than the first one I attended.  Maybe I had planned to much.  Maybe my expectations grew since my last show a month ago when I was still undecided on what my collecting goals would be.

The number of tables at this show(which is the same location as last month’s show) was cut in half.  And unfortunately the dealer I was really hoping to visit with was the ‘6-table guy’ with all of the vintage cards.  As soon as I saw that he was not there, I put my ‘need list’ in my pocket and just decided to shop around and really check out what each guy was offering.

Thankfully I found enough ‘bargain bins’ to keep me busy.  I didn’t have my son with me this time so I was able to dig into a few more bins and really spend some time going through hundreds and hundreds of cards in hopes of finding some nice complements to my collection.

Of the 2 dealers I made purchases from, all of the cards came from 1 of 3 types of ‘bargain bins’.  It was either 5 for $1, 3 for $1, or $0.50 cents each.

I’ve got quite a bit of scanning to do tonight so I can show you some of the highlights of the purchases I made.

Oh, and no need for a picture from this show.  You could find more people at a 7-11 at 3AM…

4 responses to “Baseball Card Show Review

  1. Is it b/c the hobby isn’t what it once was?
    I recently went to a show here in St.Louis and was disappointed in the turn out. There wasn’t a lot of tables, collectors or buyers.
    Anyway that’s not stopping me from going to another one.
    I’m anxiously awaiting to see what you bought:)

  2. That’s kind of disappointing. I am still saving my pennies for one of these and will let you know when I am going to one.

  3. Mario – for a collector of more modern cards, I think you would find some pretty good stuff. I saw a few Andrew Miller cards but I wouldn’t be able to tell if you had them already…

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