We Have A Winner: Best Baseball Card Design From The 1970’s

The 1971 Topps card design was chosen as the best design from the 1970’s.  I have to agree with the readers on this one.  I am a big fan of the 1978 set, but the 1971 issue stands heads and shoulders above the other cards issued in the 1970’s.

 And now for the reasons that the 1971 product is King!!

#1 – The Black border was a new concept.  Although the color(or lack of) makes the card look darker, it really highlights the team name, player name, and position graphics.  Also, they used a lot of photography of the players using a lower angle so the background contains a vivid Blue sky, which is a very nice contrast to the Black border.

#2 – The baseball poses actually work.  Most of the baseball poses that are used on cards are cheesy.  For the 1971 Topps set, many of the poses are actually believable and may be seen during live action.

#3 – In order to get a mint conditon card out of this set, the Black design needed to be impecable.  I have been searching this specific issue for a few cards and finding one with perfect gloss, crisp corners, 50/50 centering, and no pits or dents on the Black border has been rough.  I think that as collectors, we choose to be picky on certain things.  And finding a mint card from the 1971 Topps set is something that is not easy to do, but once it is obtained it feels like a small accomplishment has been made.

2 responses to “We Have A Winner: Best Baseball Card Design From The 1970’s

  1. Great choice – you have really smart readers 🙂

  2. No argument here.

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