Daily Archives: October 10, 2008

Contest Time at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

That’s right, it’s contest time here at ’30-Year Old Cardboard’.

All you have to do is predict the 8 winners of baseball’s individual awards.  That’s right, I need your votes on the American and National League winners of the MVP, ROY, Cy Young, and Manager of the Year awards.

Use the comments section of this post and give me your 8 winners.  Each correct answer earns you 1 point.  And the reader(s) with the most points wins the contest.  It’s just that simple!!  If for any reason there is a tie amongst the leaders, than EACH OF YOU WINS!!!!

What’s up for grabs??       Check this out…  Each lucky winner gets their choice of one of the below autographed baseball cards.  These cards are from my personal collection and each signature was obtained by me either at a baseball card show or spring training game back in the 1980’s.

Good Luck to All!!!  Only 1 entry per person please.

All entries are due no later than October 20th.

Another Baseball Card Show This Weekend

If you saw my post a few days ago, you could kind of tell that I was not very impressed with the baseball card show I had atteneded over the weekend

But, I am not a quitter…  As I walked around that show I found a stack of fliers promoting a new show that has started and it takes place the weekend of October 11 & 12.  YIPPEE!!!!  I am going to make every attempt to check this show out.  The one I have now attended twice is roughly 20 miles South of where I live and this new one is 15 miles North of me.  I am hoping that this new location brings new dealers and a more positive atmosphere. 

I am going to make every attempt to attend this show on Saturday so I avoid any dealers not attending on the second day due to low buyer attendance or conflicts of schedule with the Miami Dolphin game.

Stay tuned.  I’ll be posting my review and hopefully some nice photos as well if everything goes according to plan.

Great 2008 Major League Baseball Playoff Commercial

What a great commercial…  This 60-second spot brings back so many memories for me.  I remember watching most of the highlights in this clip live as a kid.

Joe Carter, Kirby Puckett, Ozzie Smith, Kirk Gibson…  WoW!!!

I don’t know if I could pick my greatest memory…  Can you??? 

1983 Topps Reggie Jackson

 Here is one of my favorite Reggie Jackson cards from the 1980’s.  I admit it is still hard to see him in an Angels uniform, but card is sweet none the less…

I am not sure which picture I like more:  (1) the action photo showing off Reggie’s home run stroke (2)  Mr. October sporting his Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses.