What Ever Happened To Will Clark???

Will ‘The Thrill’ Clark was an offensive machine during his playing days.  As a college baseball player and member of the USA Olympic baseball team, Clark earned a reputation for having one of the sweetest swings in baseball.

In Will’s first major league at-bat, he homered off Nolan Ryan.  How many players can claim that incredible feat?  As a member of the San Fransisco Giants from 1986-1993, Clark became one of baseball’s best overall players as he earned four Top 5 finishes for MVP over a 8 year span.  Being a solid contact and power hitter, Clark became an All-Star too as he earned 6 roster spots on the All-Star team.

A career .303 hitter with 284 home runs and 1,205 RBI are solid numbers put up by this 15 year baseball veteran. 

Will’s most outstanding performances came during the post season as he often provided clutch performance after clutch performance.  In 1989 against the Chicago Cubs, Clark hit .650 in a 5-game series while hitting 2 home runs and knocking in 8 runs.  And again in 2000 as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals, Clark hit .412 in a 5-game series against the New York Mets.

In 2006, Clark was inducted into College Baseball’s Hall of Fame.  Today, he works in the front office with the Arizona Diamondbacks organization.

2 responses to “What Ever Happened To Will Clark???

  1. my name is karl hedrick… i have been an avid sports fan my entire life.. which is rapidly approaching 43 yrs…their is no other athlete ever that mesmorized me the way will clark did… if i could choose to meet anyone in the world it would be, without a doubt, will “the thrill” clark…now that i know he is working in the d-backs front office, maybe i will have that pleasure someday.. thanks for the memories will..when i am old and telling stories to my grandchildren, the 89 nlcs will always top my list.

  2. I most definitely idolized Will Clark growing up. I have, essentially, every baseball card produced of him from 1986 through at least 1992 when I stopped collecting cards as a teenager. That includes off the wall cards like those that were included in cereal boxes. All of them. The way he ended his career after fighting back from so many injuries caused by years of throwing himself completely into every game with reckless abandon really made me proud to call Will the Thrill my hero. All the best to him and his family.

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