Daily Archives: October 12, 2008

ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Commercial From 1991

Man does this bring back memories…  Some of the players that are shown during this introduction are the reason I love baseball.

Nolan Ryan, Rickey Henderson, Cal Ripken Jr, Dave Stewart, and the list goes on!!!  I wish today’s game had more players that captured my heart the way these guys did!! 


Reggie Jackson Has More Nuts Than The Competition…

There have been several players in sports to have a candy bar named after them. 

No story may be more entertaining then when Reggie’s was released to the public.  On Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, all Yankee fans were treated to the new candy bar of their most valuable slugger.  Unfortunately when Reggie stepped up to the plate, the field was quickly covered in candy bars by the fans.  To top it off, Reggie even hit a home run in that same game…

The candy bar itself was not a hit.  Noted for having an odd shape with too much caramel and peanuts, the bar never became the smash that Reggie had hoped for.

This just goes to show you that Reggie Jackson has more nuts than the competition…