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Baseball Card Show Purchase #5 – For My Son…

 Mark Grace and Rickey Henderson mix of early 1990’s cards.

This small little lot of cards was bought to hopefully appease my son as I sorted through box after box of baseball cards in hopes of finding more ‘steals and deals’ at this card show.

I figured why not give him some stuff that he can compare to my collection so it was a natural fit for me to buy a few Mark Grace and Rickey Henderson cards for him.  Who knows, this may be the start of a new collection and future hobby for him one day…  Only time will tell!!

Baseball Card Show Purchase #3

OK, OK, I know that these are not the most glamorous Ernie Banks cards ever made….

But they are cards that were issued during Ernie’s playing days and I found them to be in almost mint condition.  I have no intention of starting an Ernie Banks collection as I would be unable to afford several of his early career cards.  But, if I am able to scoop up a few League Leader cards or base cards from the later years of his career I will.

This card is from the 1969 Topps set highlighting Ernie’s Home Run accomplishments from the 1968 season.

 This card is from the 1975 Topps set and it recognizes the 1959 AL and NL MVP’s from that year.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #2

 1982 Topps Dave Stewart – Rookie Card

I’ve been looking for one of these ever since I scored this lot on Ebay a month ago.  I was only able to find 1 of these and hope to add a few more at some point in the future.  Of all 3 Dave Stewart rookie cards from 1982, I think that the Topps version is by far the most superior design.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #4

 1975 Topps Fergie Jenkins

There is only 1 thing that I like about this card and that is that it is of one of my favorite players of all-time – Fergie Jenkins.

Besaides that I think that the 1975 Topps set could be classified as one of the worst baseball card designs in the last 50 years.  The 2-tone border does scream 1970’s so the design is reflective of the time it was issued but I still feel that it is way over the top.  The colors used on this card are not nearly bad as the ones used on Dave Winfield’s 1975 Topps card thogh…

Oh well…  Another card to check off of my ‘Need List’ for my Fergie Jenkins collection.

Baseball Card Show Purchase #1

 1974 Topps Reggie Jackson

I couldn’t resist this card, and at a really incredible price too.  I love old Reggie cards from his days with the Oakland A’s and New York Yankees.  To this day, it is still kind of hard to see him wearing any other jerseys besides these 2 legendary ones.

To date, this is now my oldest Reggie Jackson card.

Baseball Card Show Review

Yes, I did attend another baseball card show on Saturday.  And by all accounts, this show would have been considered a bust!!  As soon as I walked in and saw the set-up my feet made a 180 and headed for the nearest exit.  A room no bigger than your average dining room was crammed full of 8 dealers and their baseball cards.

It has been customary for me to take an initial lap of the room and review all of the dealer displays before stopping to look and shop.  I feel that this gives me the best opportunity to compare prices and get a feel for what tables may have what I am looking for.  Of the 8 tables, 2 were memorabilia only, and 3 were strictly new cards, packs, or supplies.

So that left me with 3 tables to shop.  It’s not a bad percentage being 3/8, but would it be worth the gas money and time(about 30 minutes) to get there??  We shall see…

Let me preface this next section by letting you know that I had my 2-year old son there with me in a stroller.  At the previous show I took him too there was plenty of room to navigate and not run into people.  Not this time though…  I cannot tell you how many times I said ‘Sorry’ or ‘Pardon Me’ as I continualy bumped into the same 5-6 customers as we cruised around.  Bringing a child to a baseball card show at this age is not recommended.  Their attention span cannot handle the standing around and when in a stroller, there is nothing for them to see to occupy their time and minds.

As for the 3 tables with the vintage cards, I took one off of my list as all of his stuff was in albums.  I can’t shop that way and always wonder how long these 30+ year old cards have been stored that way…  In Florida’s unbearable heat no less.  So with 2 dealers left to shop, I did just that.  1 guy went straight to Beckett after each of my inquiries which got old quite a bit.  Although I don’t expect anyone to have each price of each card memorized, I do expect that the cards are known so you can quickly review and provide a price.  Each inquiry left me with Beckett’s book price so I moved on to a hopefully more friendly table.

This last dealer did not disappoint.  In fact, he impressed me!!!  All of the cards were sorted by decade which is great for a player collector.  In addition to that, each card was clearly marked with the price or had a color-coded dot representing a price.

 Had it not been for my son’s attention span, or lack of, I would have stayed much longer and really dug in to see what he had.  I was only able to spend 40 minutes at the show but this last dealer would be someone I would want to go back and visit again.

I’ll be scanning my purchases tonight and hope to get them all posted for you to see tomorrow.

By the way, the Dodgers just rocked Jamie Moyer in the first inning….