Will A-Rod Ever Be Accepted By Yankee Fans???

After missing the playoffs for the first time in 14 seasons, the Yankees and their fans look around to place the blame on everyone that they feel did not deliver…

Coaches, players, front office personnel, etc…  Nobody is safe!!

But, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why Alex Rodriguez gets hit so hard.  I understand that he is the highest paid player in baseball.  But somebody has to be, right??  I mean of all of the players in the majors, does anyone deserve to be higher paid than A-Rod??

Check out what he has done offensively for the Yankees since he joined them back in 2004.

Hits 869
Batting Average 0.302
Runs 596
Home Runs 208
RBI 616
Stolen Bases 106

These stats are incredible over just 5 seasons.

Has anyone done more offensively to help their team than this guy??  The Yankees have several holes to fill on their roster, but 3rd base is definitely their most secured position.  If the Yankees want to compete and not only make the playoffs but contend for a World Series title, they need to focus on revamping their outfield positions and pitching staff.

At 32 years of age, Alex Rodriguez could conceivably give the Yankees this kind of offensive production for the next 7-8 years with minimal decline.  It’s up to them to make the right moves and surround A-Rod with talent that compliments his game.  Until they do that, they will always be looking up in the standings at teams preforming better than them.

5 responses to “Will A-Rod Ever Be Accepted By Yankee Fans???

  1. He’s the cleanup hitter and one of the highest paid players in baseball. When you have that next to your name, you’re expected to deliver in the playoffs, which he hasn’t done. People often point out that his stats are padded with meaningless hits (such as getting homers when they’re either down by a lot or ahead by a lot). I think that isn’t fair, but anyone who has seen his performance in the playoffs will see he wasn’t the same player as his stats would say he is.

  2. When he learns how to hit in the playoffs maybe the fans will respect him a bit more. The MVP didn’t really help him. He’s going to have to win a WS to win over the NY fans. I don’t think he will ever be a true Yankee…

  3. Yankees have lost the last 4 years in the postseason because of pitching not because of Alex Rodriguez. No one position/offensive player can win a WS by themselves no matter where they hit in the line-up and how much money they make. It’s all about the pitching in the postseason.

    Alex gets hated on because of the contract and because he isn’t homegrown. Yankee fans who hate on him are also the first to line up for his autograph. They boo him from the stands but stumble on their own words when they meet him. They will also be the same people who will be telling their grandkids that they saw him play and how awesome he was.

    Scapegoats are for losers. You win as a team and lose as a team.

  4. I agree and see where your coming from…

    No one player, but A-Rod could at least help them win in the post season… He hasn’t really done that though has he?? Id take Scott Brosius over A-Rod in any 1 WS game.

    I’m a fan of Rodriguez but Id really like to see him earn his $ and a WS Championship.

    Especially being surrounded by such great tallent.

  5. Just imagine, if Aaron Boone hadn’t hurt his leg playing basketball in the offseason, the Yanks would never have had to trade for ARod. I was very happy when he opted out, very unhappy when Cashman signed him back.

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