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The Evolution Of My Collection – Part 2

I figured that now is as good of a time as ever to provide a little recap of what my collection has evolved into over the last 2 months.

As you recall, the only remnants of my collection from my youth was a small shoe box containing roughly 60 cards.  As a kid, I had been a set builder, player collector, and all around baseball card junkie!!  I am happy to say that now a little more than 2 months after getting back into the hobby the old feelings have come back.

I have settled in on being a player collector.  I am not tempted to build sets and deal with having hundreds and hundreds of common cards.  Player collecting is for me, and I of course have chosen to collect my favorite players from my youth.  Have I slipped and bought cards of other players?  Of course I have, but who wouldn’t?  There is so much more variety out there than there ever was before so straying from my player collections was bound to happen.  But, I am still focused and on track as I move closer and closer to completing these collections.

Let me preface this by saying 2 things:  (1) I am collecting cards from the major brands when these guys played.  I am also not collecting any cards past 1989.  (2) It is very possible that there are more cards out there that I am unaware of.  I am using Beckett’s website to build a player checklist but I found a Billy Williams card recently that they did not have listed.  So, my journey may never end but that’s fine with me…

Here is a small recap of where I stand today on my 5 player collections:

Player Started With Today Need To Get
Billy Williams 8 21 9
Fergie Jenkins 0 15 25
Andre Dawson 0 15 35
Rickey Henderson 2 16 39
Dave Winfield 1 26 27


Ken Griffey Jr. Pepsi Commerical With Sammy Sosa

When this commercial was shot it was debatable as to which of these 2 players was the bigger star.  Today the choice seems very clear to me… 

I a really happy that ‘The Kid’ passed Sosa on the all-time home run list this past season. 

Where Have All Of The 2-Sport Athletes gone???

Twenty years ago, the 2-Sport athlete was all the rage.  A high-profile trend that started with Bo Jackson, that led to Deion Sanders and Brian Jordan.

It should be noted that the 2-Sport athlete has more history than just the last 20 years.  John Elway, Danny Ainge, Dave Winfield, Fergie Jenkins, and Michael Jordan are just a short list of athletes that had the talent to have a career as a professional athlete in more than 1 sport.

Yet today, there are none.  Why is that?  Everything you read or see on television says that today’s athletes are in better physical condition than athletes of the past.  Today’s stars are more talented, have better genes, and are freaks of nature.  So, why has there not been a major talent playing in more than 1 professional sport in the past decade??

The most recent player to select one sport over another is Jeff Smardjiza of the Chicago Cubs.  This former Notre Dame All-American football star had his choice to play 2 sports or stick with one.  What made him choose baseball over football?  Money, Health, Secuirty???  Who knows??  What we do know is that baseball contracts are guaranteed while football’s are not.  Surely baseball is a ‘safer’ sport to play.  I mean, I can understand why someone would not want to run a cross pattern against the Baltimore Ravens. 

I miss Bo Jackson.  And I miss Deion Sanders.  How amazing was it to watch Deion Sanders playing baseball on a Saturday and then football on Sunday??  Watching him and guys like him play are a memory I will never forget.  It’s time to expand on this small fraternity of 2-sport athletes; there is an electric feeling about watching this kind of player and sports fans need players like this again.