The Evolution Of My Collection – Part 2

I figured that now is as good of a time as ever to provide a little recap of what my collection has evolved into over the last 2 months.

As you recall, the only remnants of my collection from my youth was a small shoe box containing roughly 60 cards.  As a kid, I had been a set builder, player collector, and all around baseball card junkie!!  I am happy to say that now a little more than 2 months after getting back into the hobby the old feelings have come back.

I have settled in on being a player collector.  I am not tempted to build sets and deal with having hundreds and hundreds of common cards.  Player collecting is for me, and I of course have chosen to collect my favorite players from my youth.  Have I slipped and bought cards of other players?  Of course I have, but who wouldn’t?  There is so much more variety out there than there ever was before so straying from my player collections was bound to happen.  But, I am still focused and on track as I move closer and closer to completing these collections.

Let me preface this by saying 2 things:  (1) I am collecting cards from the major brands when these guys played.  I am also not collecting any cards past 1989.  (2) It is very possible that there are more cards out there that I am unaware of.  I am using Beckett’s website to build a player checklist but I found a Billy Williams card recently that they did not have listed.  So, my journey may never end but that’s fine with me…

Here is a small recap of where I stand today on my 5 player collections:

Player Started With Today Need To Get
Billy Williams 8 21 9
Fergie Jenkins 0 15 25
Andre Dawson 0 15 35
Rickey Henderson 2 16 39
Dave Winfield 1 26 27


5 responses to “The Evolution Of My Collection – Part 2

  1. I could use your organization skills. My cards are everywhere!

  2. How come you don’t use sheets to see your cards or display them better?

  3. I used to store everything I had in binders. This ended up taking up quite a bit of space that I no longer have available to me. I agree that albums are a better way to view cards, but this kind of box allows for me to move and organize my cards quickly. And when you have 2 young kids at home, time is not on your side!!!

  4. Never use albums!!!

  5. There’s a pretty good chance that I can help you out with your Rickey collection. E-mail me your want list (my e-mail is on my blog), and I’ll see what I can do!

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